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Good day ladies and gentlemen and our fellow steemjetters. Today we bring to you from the table of steemjet media something entertaining, something interesting, something lit. Ladies and gentlemen it's the steemjetmedia celebrity of the week.

And today's guest is no other than the man who speaks with his designs, the man that can capture the world and it's moment with his camera, the man no other than @mbj...


•Hello sir, first of all we the steemjetmedia crew will like to wish you a happy birthday and many many happy returns

Thank you

• So let's get started. Good day sir can you please tell us a little about yourself?

Okay, My name is mbam Johnmary ogbonnaya.. My friends call me mbj... Born in a royal family of Late chief Simon mbam igboke.

• Wow you're royalty, that's cool. So how did you first discover steemit and what motivated you to join?

I discovered through a friend and mentor @ubongj.. I was motivated by the ability of steem to pay for creativity.

• Can you tell us how your steemit journey has been so far?

My journey on steemit can never be over emphasized.. I live it... I love it. I can never regret a bit cos it pays my creativity.

• Do you have any job aside steeming??

I am a graphic designer and a student.

• Let's talk about steemjet, who introduced you to steemjet and how did you end up being a space force member?

I was introduced to steemjet by the same @ubongj whom I owe my profound gratitude and sincerest respect. I became a space force member after dimimp saw the creativity in me during the first steemjet logo contest.. I was the first to win steemjet super star 🌟 of the week and the first sf member to be delegated by @dimimp.

• If you could change anything on steemjet, what would that be?

On changing anything on steemjet.. I can only contribute positively to the growth of the community and play along with the boss @dimimp instructions.

• What advice will you give to new steemit users??

To new steemit user.. Be the best you can be by creating quality contents.. And to encourage them.. I came up with the idea of @steemjetnewbies to help them. WELCOME ABOARD!!!!

• Thank you for for taking your time to answer our questions and happy birthday once again sir.

Thank you..

So there we have it guys. We hope you had fun reading through and certainly hope to see you at our next edition...

Thank you..



Happy birthday the boss @mbj long life and prosperity.

Thank you brother izuchukwu1506...

Happy birthday the boss @mbj, we all love you.

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I love you guys too. God blesss you

Happy birthday @mbj

Its so nice to know him better, the press is awesome.
happy birthday Prince mbj.

Great work @steemjetmedia

Thanks my princes. May God bless you

I don't really know well him maybe because am new to steemjet and steemit as a whole but from what I have read about him from steemjet members I believe he is an exceptional being.
Happy birthday once more @mbj and nice work @steemjetmedia

Chk @steemjetnewbies.. He heads the department.

Thank you so much and welcome here .. stay posted to @steemjetnewbies and find comfort

Happy birthday once again mbj. Much love

My big brother .. Thank you.

Happy Birthday @mbj it was cool knowing about you and your steem journey so far. Wish you more success!

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Thank.. wish you success too. God bless you

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@Steemjetmedia weldon for the good works you re doing,the interview felt like it's was video am watching, Happy birthday @mbj

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