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Welcome to the First edition of officially launched steemjet contests.

We decided to start with a writing contest

Every Validated entry wins $1 in upvotes before the 10 winners are announced

A Validated entry is the one which follows the rules for the contest and the entry get's a reply by @steemjetcontests "entry validated" To confirm that you are in.


At the end of the contest the Judges will select the best 10 entries which are to get the $10 in upvotes each, making it a total of $100 in upvotes.
The good thing is: Every VALID ENTRY will receive atleast $1 in upvote before the contest will be judged.


"What I can do to promote steem"


  • contest is strictly for newbies and non steemjet delegates/curators so that other steemjetters can stand a chance to enjoy what steemjet has to offer.
  • Article MUST NOT BE LESS than 300 words
  • Upvote and resteem this post and also follow @steemjetcontests in order to make your entry valid
  • The entry should be made on the contestant's blog and the link to the entry should be submitted at the comment section on this post.
  • The following tags should be also be included in your entry #steemjet #steemjetcontests #contest
  • @steemjetcontests reads all entries and replies "entry validated" on the link you submitted
  • Contest resumes now and ends before this post shows 6 days old, any entry made after this period will be invalid. This means that when the post is 6 days old. The contest has ended
  • Double entries or entries that does not follow the rules will automatically be disqualified

Steemjet: On the Wings of Superstars, We are words and Steem


Hello guys, thanks for the opportunity to contest, this is my entry

How long will it take before we'll know the winner?

What a perfect way to encourage research and common sense approach to improving standards. Here entry is here:

Entry Validated

Is a wonderful opportunity to give my own believed promotional concept that can see the steem gain more vaiue in the future.
This is my own entry to the contest and I believe it will gain view i can do to promote steem

Thanks for you and most welcome sir...

Hi @steemjetcontests

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Here's my entry to the contest .. thanks so much for this opportunity..

Thanks for you sir..

Wow.. This is awesome every Steemian needs to know about this... nice work sir!

Very nice and rich content.

The is like my second contest ever on steemit. Here is my entry i hope something really good comes out of this. Thanks @steemjetcontests for giving me this opportunity

Thanks to steemjet for this opportunity. This is my link for the entry

Entry Validated

Entry validated

Hey steemjets thanks for this initiative to help the newbies... this is my entry link

Thanks @steemjetcontest this means so much to me

Hi,, thanks for creating this contest.
here's my entry.

Entry validated

Thanks for having me :)

Here is my entry. Its a pleasure to be on this platform.

Entry validated

Thanks for this great opportunity. More Inspirations @steemjetcontests.Here is my entry

Entry validated

God Bless you !
This is my first contest and it means so much to me. Thank and Thanks again.

Waiting patiently for the " entry submitted" reply @steemjetcontests

I have to read them before I validate them

Best sir.

@Feju stop spamming

Thank you..

Thank you for this opportunity, I am dropping my entry below;

Entry validated

Entry validated

This is my entry, i hope u find my content useful.

I love this and all thanks to steemjet. My entry is giving below:

Entry Validated

Nice one.

The information is well cleared and informative. I love your post .

You got a grate Ideas. I hope you take action at once.

Hi @steemjet,


I have been been seriously enlightened by this article even if I composed it, it just brought out some good thoughts buried within me. Thanks all thesame, this is my link to my post

@steemjet is my entry already validated?

Wow this is awesome
I kinda wish I could apply
Since am a delegates I'll help in anyway I can

STEEMJET quarterly

@dimimp promised to be hosting exclusive contests for delegates and I'm sure he will do that

Thanks for giving me this opportunity, I tried to make post on the similar topic, early. But I didn't get an eye on that post. But, I hope through Steemjet people will surely look at to my post:)

Entry validated

Hello, you upvoted but Didn't Validate My Entry

Hello... Thanks for the opportunity given....
Im so delighted to be a part In it....
This is my entry for the contest....

Thank you very much... I'm so happy to be valid.. ...

Please is my entry validated?

Most welcome..

You are really so great sir..

most welcome boss..

Entry validated

Entry validated!

Thanks for the Opportunity. Here is my entry
We are words and steem

Entry validated

hi !!! here is my entry to the contest. Thanks for this opportunity.

Entry validated

thank you :)God bless!!!

Thank you so much! WOW! Upvoted $1 is already a blessing..

Entry validated

Entry validated

Entry Validated

Thanks to steemjetcontests for his opportunity.
Here is my link

Entry validated!

Thank you so much ma'am/sir

Thanks for the iniative to organize this contest, here my entry

Entry validated

Hello guys... Thanks for this great opportunity...
Here is my entry here

@steemjetcontests, thank you for this wonderful thing you're doing to support newbies. A very laudable project.

This is my entry to your contest. All rules have been adhered to.

Thank you.

I would like to participate in this contest. Here’s my entry:

(I have upvoted and resteemed this post and used all the required tags in mine)

Thank you for organising and hosting this contest!

Thanks for this wonderful initiative.
Here is my own entry,

We are words and Steem

Entry Validated

Here is my entry for this contest Thank you very much for the chance that there will be more contests from @steemjetcontests...

Entry validated

Thanks you so much brother @steemjetcontests 🤗

This is an interesting contest and I am glad to have participated. This my entry;

Thank you for this opportunity. This shows that SteemJet is out to make a difference. Here is my entry: