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Hello sir @dimimp,
its been a great honour working with the Steem Space Force and being a part of the steemJet community at large. The cryptocurrency “Steem” has fast tracked my youthful success in ways i can’t express and i have your goodwill to thank for this.


As massive as this sounds, i believe its really easy to achieve with the right tools we could get there in less than 2 years but as i said “With the right tools”.

Where i come from, due to the level of poverty of the majority, whatever brings quick cash is a gold mine for all that can access it. This is where SteemJet comes in, making quick cash from creativity is more than an easy way to make cash on this side of the planet, because they are loads of creative people down here but they get paid crumbs for their work, so this is more than an amazing way for them to utilise their talent and for the best part “make a fortune from it”
I’m currently running an internship program in the capital city of my country (Nigeria) and i just came to realise that 99% of the people i have met here have no idea of Steem as a crypto currency or Steemit as a platform, but they are people full of so much prospects and creative ideas considering its a learning environment.

I intend to do a Seminar or more like a talk with everyone in the school on the value that seem brings to them considering i was once in their shoes looking for a means to make some extra cash. i have testimonies that would go a long way to show these peeps the benefits of the platform.
i also met a young and successful business man who we happen to be taking a course on SQLServer together ad tales to him about Steemit and the Steemjet community. We scheduled a meeting for the weekend so we can discuss on putting him through and also doing the seminar/talk.


Due to the fact that we have 2 options as regarding registration on steemit; Payment option or having to wait for maybe 2 weeks, to an extent the later would be a barrier because i wanted registration of the participants to be instant. i actually wanted to personally pay for the registration process for the participants of the talk, but due to the cost of living in my present location and the cost of the courses i’m currently taking, i can’t do much.

So i humbly request that i get assistance for that purpose either in liquid steem or a raise in delegation so that i can curate and raised the amount of steem required for at least 25 to 30 participants or more if you will it, i am also getting some assistance from @kabolo via upvotes to raise funds for this purpose .
This is a lot to ask for, but showing people the way to success just the same way as i was shown is the least i can do right now and i can’t do it on my own, thats why i’m asking for your assistance. Once everything is put in place and the date is fixed, a report would be sent to you immediately after the talk is done.

The report would include;

Pictures from the seminar/talk
usernames for all new members
Other forms of proof that the event actually took place

steem for registration of 25 to 30 or participants as you decide
Any other requirement would be provided by me.


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Thanks, favour returned.

with love from SF7 upvoted man 😊

I support your work @shartzy, upvoted and Resteemed. Long live steemjet

Thank you very much, i appreciate your comment

There is no need for a raise in SP delegation or payment in liquid steem, as the space force members can collectively provide upvotes that is more than enough to fund this project, the boss @dimimp has done enough already. I think @kabolo is already doing what you mentioned too, besides @empato created a department "Newbies Directors" which is in charge of bringing newbies into the community.Thanks for your initiative but a lot of people are already working on it. It will be right for the space force to fund those who have already started with their "UPVOTES".

Thanks. Point Noted.

Yeah and you also got a 3000 Steem delegation

I’m not denying that all these wasn’t done, and don’t say 2000 like that’s what I got, you know better. I’m just asking for an assistance that go beyond my power at the moment. Let’s just let @dimimp decide, by the way he requested for projects and that he’s willing to fund it. And people are talking of SF members up voting to support, I can barely see that happening. Just saying

Okay yeah I agree. Sorry I hadn't heard that he requested for projects. Then I guess it's okay, it won't harm anyone :D

I think it's going to improve so much I think STEEMJET

It's amazing to be open to new things/try new things, if you didn't try you will never knew either you can or can not, good initiative!
Keep creating I'm sure you will made something more amazing!

Thank you, i will try my best to keep up.

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This is a well thought of initiative and I'm sure with the help of the upvotes from we the SF members and our boss @dimimp this would be possible and achieved.
Well all I'll say I'd that you publicize this information to the public at large so as to be able to get enough audience for the seminar you intend.
Also, I will suggest you curb the artists there and tell them that they will have an easier ride on the steemit blockchain if they contribute immensely and creatively to the growth of the steemJet community

Thanks, not everyone sees good intentions here, some think its way to generate cash for personal use. But its all part of the world we live in. I appreciate your support.

O yes this power will spread #steemjet Signals all around the world.



Hope @dimimp will grant your request because it's a good idea

I intend to do a Seminar or more like a talk with everyone in the school on the value that seem brings to them considering i was once in their shoes looking for a means to make some extra cash.

excellent get in touch with the HR team so there can be mutual understanding and agreement

Sound ideas are excellent, even for big goals in the future. Hope your efforts get success..
We support you @shartzy