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The SteemJet initiative as founded by @dimimp has been around for about 4 months or thereabout, after his generosity spread around causing so much traffic on his blog. Then he thought the best way to handle this was to create a structure which would make sure activities in the community are well organized and there is law and order, that was where the SpaceForce idea was hatched and teams were created. He tried his best to reach almost everyone with a Steem bath following the goal of the SteemJet Community (Global Adoption of Steem) and we appreciate his acts of generosity.

To show my appreciation, I decided to push this goal a step further by introducing people at my place of work to the steemit platform, and with the help of the SteemJet initiative and its pilot @lordjames the newbies are undergoing registration. Thanks to @kabolo team for supporting by promising to upvote their first set of post to enable them find thier feet as they start up.



Keep up the good work man.. We are behind you.

We appreciate

I’m glad to know. Thanks a lot.

@shartzy did a really good job at convincing us to join steemit. he is the reason i'm part of the steemit family. i was delegated steem power by @steemjet and @lordjames

Welcome on board man

thank you, i am excited to be here

Welcome. Glad to have you

This is a spectacular piece of work. With the right resources more can be done.

Nice work bro. Keep it up

Exactly. He's representing @Kabolo well

Yeah he is

Keep up the good work!

Great work mate.
You are really making this happen.
Support you and encouragement.

You're doing a great job pal.
Keep it up!

Thanks bro, I appreciate your support.

You guys are really doing a good job @shartzy!
best of luck for the future!

Thank you a lot.. we just trying to see the goal of SteemJet achieved

you guys are working hard for it :) i can see that :)

Sure. Kabolo is totally out for Steem Global Adoption

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Thanks to @kabolo team for supporting by promising to upvote thier first set of post to enable them find thier feet as they start up.
It should be their instead of thier.

Lol. Wow. No wonder your reputation is 10

We are proud to be part of your vision.
Steem on!

Exactly. Global steem adoption is our goal

Wow. Global Steem Adoption coming to reality. Nice Job man

A nice work promoting steemit community I support your project
I followed you

@shartzy that's really good work


Wow. Steemjet already in Bangladesh. Indeed we're on the wings of superstars

Nice initiative ... thumbs up