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With so much funds dispersed by the steemJet initiator @dimimp, its been such a blessing for its members who haven't only been given fishes(Upvotes) but also have been given the the opportunity to harness the power to fish (SP Delegations).
this brings us to the question.........

What are the possibilities of success in this crypto world we live in??


What coins are out there aside Steem that are worth investing a fortune.

Suggestions and comments required!!!!!


good question. if I invest in SBD. if the SBD price rises. I will make STEEM to increase the strength of the steemit account. I get 1500sp delegate from @dimimp boss.
I will take advantage of this golden opportunity. because I do not know how long the delegation limit is. I must take this opportunity as well as I can.

Yes of course, we are all grateful for being here.

Good question!! as per coin to invest in!! I suggest you should go for EOS!! this coin is yet to be lunched but has hit about $20!! Go going for it may not be a bad idea!! Imaging if it starts booming!

Nice one, its really a great deal. surely a good coin to invest in.

i heard EOS coin sales is restricted from nigeria and some other countries

same way the XAP coin ICO was restricted from USA


Sadly yes, tried getting some

Why invest in any other place when you could just invest here in steemit if you ask me I'll say this is like the most perfect place to put your money cause trust me brother in no time you'll be a billionaire 💪😊
But if you still insist you could invest in etherum that was my home till I found steemit

I see Steem as a blessing and wouldn't advice any one not to invest here. The other coins are what i call extra investments which wouldn't hurt to have a couple. Thanks tho

I would suggest EOS and Steemit are good to go now..., invest and watch you life change in no time.

Hi! I'm honestly not to familiar with Steemjet, would you be about to enlighten me? :) Regarding your questions, I think there is a lot of money to be made in a lot of Cryptocurrencies. Personally, from a pre benefit standpoint, I think the framework/infrastructure coins are a lot better very than many of the token. Coins like Arionum, Lisk, and Bismuth look to be building some really cool web development frameworks (disclaimer: I am involved with Arionum). I think the big coins are always a safe bet; BTC, ltc, and eth aren't going anywhere soon and still have a lot of growth. I for one stay away from ICOs, just to difficult to weed out the scams right now. And I focus a lot in the team and their motives/communication with the community. Remember, we're all still in the very early stages of all this. Lots of growth will come but, very likely that many of the current cryptocurrencies will not last. What does your portfolio look like?

I think we should power up using the benefit rather than buy outside that would help eventually.