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Good day everyone and welcome to SFHEALTH department once again. Well I'm just through watching the exciting episode between the Super Eagles and Athletico Madrid Fc of spain... tough match aye??

Back to the issue of the day..... Steemjet


Steemjet has one goal... global steem adoption and preaching steem/crptocurrency to the kids around the globe.


It was from this vision that many things were birthed.. The departments ranging from Arts, HR, Music etc and down to this prestigious department ..... The health department of steeemjet.

Well if you don't know much about the health department, clicking the link below will tell you about 70% of what we stand for and represent.

The vision of the department

Sfhealth primary aim is to help steemjetters practice good safety routines and live a healthy lifestyle generally. But since the aim of steemjet was not only to create awareness for steemjetters but also around the globe and not only that, help teach the kids around the world about steem and cryptocurrency. So in what way can the health department do this??

The mission

creation of the UDUA platform

The UDUA platform was birthed from from the idea of the steemJetMed bus earlier proposed by the department. The UDUA is an online health store aimed at delivering health care and services to the steem(steemjetters) community and the children as a whole. Now don't get carried away, it would be managed by a professional who would attend to your call, make accessments before your medications are released to your doorstep.


To be efficient at work means to be fit and healthy and the UDUA platform has this in mind also with the fact that the early adopters of steemjet and of course the majority of steemjetters(atleast 70%) would be able to access this platform... All to keep the workers in good shape. This was also done so we could ease cost of purchasing the bus.

2years ago, an uncle from one member of the community died why?? Because of a reoccurring terminal illness and he was out of stock so that's how he witnessed his uncle dead because the health store were all closed!!

Going for outreach and health facilitations

  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Project kick out malaria
  • Steemjet Medics Cares


HIV continues to be a major global public health issue, having claimed more than 35 million lives so far. In 2016, 1.0 million people died from HIV-related causes globally.

The WHO African Region is the most affected region, with 25.6 million people living with HIV in 2016.

Aforementioned are datas collected from WHO. But just last week In a view to speak to a health professional about steemjet and steemJetMed I came across a large crowd of people and guess what... They were HIV PATIENTS. And what broke my heart and angered the doctor was when a patient said "doctor I need to go come attend to me" and when we were like "oh that's rude you have a number and moreover people are ahead of you waiting" , she later concluded that "at last she was gonna give the virus to someone the same way she got it from someone". That caused both a stir and an uproar but I tried calling the doctor why?? I saw it as a case of ignorance and unawareness.


HIV cannot be cured nor wiped out for now,it can only be controlled and managed and the best way to do this both for the steemjet community(both on board and the masses awaiting including the kids) is awareness.... The need for safe sex, control for those infected and lastly prevention from transmitting it to the unborn kids(parent carriers).

Project Kick Out Malaria

In 2016, there were 216 million malaria cases that led to 440,000 deaths. Of these about two thirds (290,000) were children under five years of age. This translates into a daily toll of nearly 800 children under age 5.

Malaria is an urgent public health priority. Malaria and the costs of treatment trap families in a cycle of illness, suffering and poverty. Today, 3.2 billion (almost half of the world population) are at risk.

The aforementioned datas were collected from UNICEF. Malaria as we know cannot be completely wiped off from the human system but time to time preventive measures and treatment are what keeps the body fit and going.


The aim of this outreach is to distribute materials and drugs to at least 1000 homes. Items ranging drugs to mosquito nets to repellents are our main target to these families with the aim of curbing death toll particularly to the poor homes who cannot afford the least things like food talkless of drugs.

SteemJet Medic Cares


As the boss @dimimp would normally say "steemjet for now is for the poor people". Now how do we impact the lives of the poor and at the same time preach to the the steemjet gospel?? That's when the steemjetmedics outreach came to view. Over times I and some few people from @we-care and @steemit-uyo have single-handedly funded some outreach to the orphanage homes, the leprosy home etc. With this in mind and preaching the steem world for global adoption why not expand it in grand style with steemJetMedic cares... Show the younger generations(with no gadgets) that steemjet have them in mind!

End Of the Month sports/workouts session for steemjetters

With the aim of keep fit in mind for workers, a monthly keep fit program have been organized for the steemjetters. Areas ranging from yoga to aerobics, cardio, and workout programs have been put in place to not only bring unity amongst the departments but also helping keep the body in good shape awaiting the tasks ahead to effective execution. Apart from this, inter-department competitions would also be organized. Areas ranging from tennis, swimming, basketball and ofcourse football would all be put into action and this has been scheduled for every 3rd Saturday of the month.


A Discord Q&A Session For Steemjetters

The team overtime has noticed the unending demands from the community to have a Q&A session.. a healthy session at least twice a month. This would also be time to elaborate more on our weekly updates, entertain questions and also try to get solutions from issues/complaints from members. This will happen every second and last Friday of every month at 20:00 W.A.T .

Requirements/Cost For Project(s) Execution


  • A Laptop for online customer care,registrations and patient's data collection
  • A land line for pickups and delivery
  • A motorcycle for courier services
  • A health practioner working partime

All these would amount to 750steem to put them in place

........... While the department would fund cost of gas and maintenance.



  • Branded t-shirts, caps and wristband for sfhealth members
  • Free Hiv/Aids tests and counseling
  • A Medical professional for the outreach and two sub personnels to conduct the tests
  • 1 member each from the security and Research team
  • Condoms, pads, with Relief materials
  • Rented bus,Amps and a driver to convey members to the location and back.

All these would amount to 774.5 steem which covers with logistics and refreshments

Kick Out Malaria #DAY2

  • Free Malaria tests and counseling
  • A Medical professional for the outreach and two sub personnels to conduct the tests
  • 1 member each from the security and Research team
  • Distribution of mosquitoes nets, repellents and drugs with relief materials
  • Rented bus,Amps, gas and a driver to convey members to the location and back.

All these would amount to 935.5 steem. it's pertinent to note that we are distributing to at least 1000 homes

Steemjet Medics Care #DAY3

  • Relief materials..... food, drinks, beverages and clothing materials to the kids
  • Writing materials .... Books, pen, pencils, crayons etc*
  • projectors...... For teaching the kids about steem, SteemJet, cryptocurrency and of course Olivia the superstar
  • Bus, driver and gas to convey members to the location and back.

All these would amount to 595steem

....... Once again the department would fund the cost of photography here.

End Of The Month Sports/Workout session for steemjetters

  • Cost here would basically come from renting the sports facility for the day and also food/drinks, getting a gym instructor and refreshments.

These would amount to 423steem

The department would take care of transportation for those whose location might find it difficult accesing the facility.

A Discord Q&A Session

  • Freebies for participants
  • Stipends for hosts
  • General setting up of the channel

All these would amount to 123steem

SUM TOTAL OF COST(S) = 3601 steem

This was the general consensus from the meeting the health team camp up with. With this, while striving for a healthy and fit life for everyone we also use that medium to help spread the word of steem to the kids and beyond


steemjet : On the wings of superstars we are words and steem

steemjetmed : On the wings of superstars we bring health and safety

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I must say am impressed with what am seeing here, I've alot of proposals but dis one came from a very different perspective and will certainly touch the life of people outside steemit, this way, more people will be made to understand the idea of steemit and steemjet and what they stand for. I support this proposal and i know that @dimimp will be impressed to see a different thing that will even affect the well being of children, long live steem, long live steemjet..

SteemJet and steem was made for the young minds. The health team is here to make them enjoy their reward with a healthy mind and body.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is right on track and one of the best and positive initiative that I've seen on this platform (steemit).

I support this wholeheartedly.

Organising health outreach, awareness and treatment to people, most especially the poor people who lack access to affordable healthcare is a commendable initiative and I support it.

Through this avenue, a lot of people can be on-boarded to the Steemjet movement and also to the Steemit platform - I see it as a form of promotion too, and at the same time giving humanity a meaning.

Impressive and Bravo

Thanks @Enolife. Finally a proposal that cuts across all the departments and beyond. Thanks once again.

Thank you @peterakpan for the proposal, I can see you've put a lot of thoughts into this and we are grateful for that. But, I want to inform you that your proposal has been noted but all issues involving funding and departments are on hold now till after the spaceforce meeting this weekend..

Noted. Thank you the lord.

Great initiatives bro, I guess steemjet is covering all aspects of life, now tell me why we won't get our goals? I love this. Keep doing the nice work and I hope the proposal gets accepted because health is IMPORTANT to man.

Health is wealth.... Thank you.

Its time we see an initiative that dose not just add value to once life but adds live to once life. This is great and right on track. The impact that the outreach will create is second to none. Apart from the online presences i believe its time steemjet make an offline impression touch peoples lives for real. Good work

i support this initiative.

Please head medical dept i would love to volunteer

Thanks team mate..... I know by now everyone has seen the usefulness of this proposal once implemented. The UDUA platform will actually continue running after this initial funding, that means more health services for both steemjetters and "the future".

health for all

Yeah mate

Thanks team mate..... I know by now everyone has seen the usefulness of this proposal once implemented. The UDUA platform will actually continue running after this initial funding, that means more health services for both steemjetters and "the future".

I'm ever grateful to be part of the health team. I thank @empato365 for his presence in our last meeting (the last meeting held by space force health members). My leader @Peterakpan have seen your sacrifices.

Health outreach and awareness is one of the quickest way of attaining global steem adoption. This is where the implementation of the "language of the common man" comes in.

Our twice a week health tips updates is still in play. We are set as a team, I'm sure the backbone of the community in the person of @dimimp will see to our jet that is already in motion.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks @fidelmboro.... Wouldn't ask for a better team member than you.

Beautiful posts really beautiful best web site steemit

This is very impressive,
I would really love to join the MEDICS)/HEALTH DEPARTMENT as an aspiring medical practitioner..

Here's a post I did recently on health

Weldone man. Your request is valid.

I hope @dimimp approves this, its fullproof

Thanks bro, we hope so too.

Thanks for the great post again. I always love your articles. I hope I will get more updated articles from you. Upvoted for sure :)

Thanks bulet but don't shoot us by mistake, the department doesn't have a surgical unit yet lol. Thanks for the support

Always with you dude. Hope I will get support from you too. As I am new here many things are unknown to me.


This is excellent, together we can all make this work

Always together @mistakili..... A tree cannot stand alone and turn a forest.

  ·  last year (edited)

This is just awesome. It is obvious you took your time to think this through, every aspect well explained . Who wouldnt want to be a part of this impact about to be made? I would love to be a part of your project if given the opportunity.

More Grace.

Thanks dear.... Will get back to you.

Uncle abeg I hear monthly workout.

Where and when.
How's it gon be ?

Sure @arutynwa, as stated above there will be monthly workout/kip-fit routines for members. Believe me there are series of requests in my inbox asking this same question you tabled. Not to worry, the team has concluded arrangement plans for that. When once the proposal is confirmed, further info will be relayed to the community.

nice schedule

Yes @penking. Everything has been put to place, RN we are just waiting to kickstart