STEEMJET : Modified logo of Steemjet ... for Steemjet logo contest held by sir dimimp

in #steemjet2 years ago (edited)

Greeting to everyone here especially to Steemjet community.... I have modified my previous logo for Steemjet logo contest.... I have worked so hard on modifying my previous art work for Steemjet logo contest held by sir @dimimp ..... now I have decided to bring a shirt with the same logo .... I hope sir dimimp will see my modified logo for Steemjet.... I have put a-lot of efforts to make such a unique and amazing logo for Steemjet and i hope all the members of Steemjet community will appreciate my work so that in future I should do better work than before ..... All I just want to be the part of Steemjet community and the support of sir @dimimp in promoting Steemjet in my country....

My main aim on steemit is to be the part of Steemjet community.... I always try to please sir dimimp with my art work I hope this time i will be succeed ...

My future planing is to promote steem and Steemjet in schools and colleges as I mentioned in my previous posts for that I need your support @dimimp sir Thank you .....

@deandaniel @lordjames @mbj @empato365 @essiential @abdulmanan @rjunaid12 @wa2qr @izuchukwu156 @samuel9135 @obaidb2 @muhasib @mumin007 @mistakii @dannytroniz

image image image image image image image image !4EE1B6C3-DBAD-4859-B0C2-D9CFB6E787A0.gif874510D9-B95A-4873-9358-9AC7086FEE9C.gifD8BF2842-1051-4941-96F8-713C0DBB8771.gif

Modified logo of Steemjet

image image image image BF130B63-8C01-404F-BE32-AB199BD85BEF.gif

Sir dimimp And the Steemjet all in one


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