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Hello @dimimp,

I have successfully completed the narration for Olivia and the Superstar book. It was not an easy task because I had to process it immediately so we can move over to distribution and possibly a promotion. I spent over 800 steem considering the present price of steem to get the equipment and rent a studio to complete the narration and submit the audio to @ninoh to complete the video as soon as possible.

Here is the Audio I submitted to @ninoh22
Listen to Olivia And The SuperStar Story by Kristenantai #np on #SoundCloud

3D video by @ninoh22.

I came up with the idea of also educating those who do not have access to mobile devices or computers that way everyone will get access to the story. So far, I've been able to print some samples of the book.

Since you said we are now moving into partying and making profits if you wish I think we can sell this books to the masses and make profits for steemjet
olivia 2.jpg

olivia 3.jpgolivia 5.jpg
olivia 6.jpg

olivia 9.jpg

I will be needing a total of 2500 Steem to print more copies of this book so it can be evenly distributed during our charity movements and to several schools in different regions.

This is just a proposal to you,if you will like the idea of distributing the hard copies to kids and also asking for your approval of this project

Thanks for the previledge to work for you.

Here is the link to @ninoh22 post about the video



This is a lovely idea by making the books available for kids offline.

Thanks @ninoh22 it was great working with you to complete the story...

Hi @kristenantai01, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @ninoh doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @ninoh22 ?

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IMO Oh my oh my.. This is brilliant.. Absolute brilliant.. I'm blown away by the progress of this project Well done Kristen, ninoh and your team. I must say I'm impressed.
Well done... I hope dimimp approves this without hesitation

thank you so much dear,i i hope it gets approval so that i can start printing the books for distribution.

Yes .. this is the beginning of something great .. @dimimp have to surely sponsor this project so it will be printed as many as possible and will be distributed to many kids during the @steemjetcharity movements.

I hope @dimimp approves this projects as soon as possible in other to accomplish this dream.

Thank you @kristenantai01 for this great idea. you are really the voice of steemjet.

i love to be part of that movement,to bring smile to children`s face,thanks for your support dear

Great job @kristenantai01. The media department is taking things serious and using several strategic moves to help the community achieve it's ultimate goal. I hope your proposal gets approved because it's really worth it.

Thanks, our goal is taking steemjet to the prefferd destination....

Longlive steemjet