My Steem High Design

in steemjet •  6 months ago

Hello guys I bring to you what i designed for steem high.

Main Picture


I added a little something to spice it up. In the design here, steem represents the weed the person in getting high on.

Steem gets us high

#Steem High


I hope yhu like it

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lol I don't get it. Is this a brand you are promoting on Steem? Would love to see some marijuana health articles from you. Nevertheless, cool hoodie in your picture 👍🏻

hello @ewuoso I'm part of the #SpaceForce7 of Steemjet, your design is original, but the #SteemHigh iniciative is a School iniciative about crypto and mainly steem for the broke and the children...

You should read the post of @dimimp to know more about it and another fun iniciatives we have...

farewell, from Venezuela.

banner ingles.png

Gina mine that coin!!! Lol

Are we all getting high

Gina mine that coin!!! Lol

We are all getting high..
thanks my dear friend..

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