WHAT IS STEEMJET: all you have always wanted to know about steemjet.

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STEEM will become the most rated social media cryptocurrency of which people can own directly for creating quality contents on steemit.com or indirectly by owning a SMART MEDIA TOKEN (SMT) on other social media platforms, but currently SMT is yet to be launched as it is still undergoing a lot of reviews. This is a new beginning, a revolution which started in this generation and will be passed on to generations after generations so that they know there is better world out there, a world they can create and post good quality contents and get rewarded for it not by the colour of their skin, that there is a better future for owning STEEM and the next generation cryptocurrencies, and steemjet is on a mission flying around the globe to spread the good news in words and steem(action) to everyone who listens to it.


It may seem impossible in this generation because a lot people will not quickly realize it, but if we work harder and leave a mark for the next generation then possibly this goal can easily be achieved, just like scientific, religious and political motives which started generations ago and are being adopted today. The goal of steemjet can also be achieved.
Imagine a situation where top celebrities in the world like Beyonce, Rihana, Cristiano Ronaldo etc. own steem or are present on the steemblockchain, this could have really given a boost to STEEM to continue making the lives of so many better, but it is not an easy task to get the asses of those celebrities down here, if you even try communicate the good message of steem, steemit and the blockchain to them, they MAY NOT regard it or could just take it as some financial advice. So what steemjet does is to give you and me (everyone) who accepts steem the great opportunity to become these superstars that will be present on the steem blockchain to promote steem to the entire world in the best way that we can. That's the reason the steemjet community promote steem because STEEM gives everyone on the planet the chance to create quality and earn from it. Notably nothing or no one is perfect, and the same principle applies to STEEM, but we can always get better.


We promote steem in multiple ways, we allow you come join us with your super talent, ability, effort and willingness to do what you can do in your own way, that can help us(steemjet) to promote steem, example if you are good in arts, music, writing etc, you are then free to join us because you have also realized the good things which steem can do. Art and music are special treasures that can be passed on from generations to generations. I've been to museums to take a look at artworks that were created by talented people like you many years before we were born and a message was passed to this generation, I have listened to a lot of good music which were sung by talented people like you, many years before we were born and a message was passed to this generation. I've also read books written by great people like you many years before we were born and a message was passed to this generation. Your talent is a treasure that can help steem to attain global adoption if you can use it to create uniqueness that can be passed on from generations to generations and also defined in simple terms. If you sing songs about steem and steemjet and how it can make the lives of people better or can create beautiful art that will communicate the words of steem in simple languages that many people in the world can easily understand when they take a look, or if you can use your creativity to write stories and poems to teach the world about steem and what it can do for them; Then you are a certified superstar and a better one for that matter because you let people realize that there is a better world out there(THE STEEM WORLD) where you can create quality and you get rewarded for doing what you love to do by others who likes what you do.(You and me).

Take a look at this art made by @yhualez
Problems Stress Pain 27052018200027 (1).jpg
This art can clearly outline to you that steemjet accepts all of us. That is why our slogan is simple.
Steemjet: on the wings of superstar we are words and steem.
We give you our words to tell you the good news about stem and what it can do for you for creating quality, and our action is steem.


To me everyone has a super talent, it is only meant for you too work harder and discover it. Maybe the same thought was what inspired Albert Einstein to say "Everybody is a genius".

Aboard steemjet everybody is a superstar, and everybody is also a winner. Steemjet support you to promote steem in your own way.
If you watch this video

You will learn that mining gold and natural resources gold and natural resources contributes to environmental pollution and if people stop gold mining and embrace sending the crypto-currencies (coins and token) directly to anyone who wants to get them, it could reduce the sad effects of environmental pollution, That is why steemjet also teaches Steemjetters about the next generation cryptocurrencies and also try to make them adopt the next-generation cryptocurrencies which can also give to them what Gold mining can give.


Sometimes there are some things in life that we should just let them be the way they are. I know this question must has ridiculed your mind a lot of times but dimimp just the steemjet sponsor, he/she is just human like you and me who has a good heart to help a lot of people get to know what steem can do for them and to let them understand the principle of time and money.
Have you ever wondered why he conducted the time contest?

There's a slang well known by Steemjetters called steembath and it simple means upvoting of most of your post and comments as much as possible at 100%, it is a reward for hardwork on steemjet. It is a partying principle of steembath that keeps a lot of Steemjetters happy. @dimimp created that slang and we all love that word especially if you are the one being steem steem bathed. dimimp's profile on steemit is that of a fictional character, Tyrion Lanister of the movie Game of Thrones (GOT) who's real name is Charles Dance, but could dimimp's real identity be charles dance?
The principle of "a lanister always pays his debt" is what dimimp loves to apply when he owes Steemjetters upvote or liquid bounties for the contest they joined, and the good thing is: @dimimp pays anyone he owes bounties in upvotes or liquid steem very well and in a very good amount. He does this just like a lanister does.

Dimimp hosted most of these art contests so that people can have the chance to partake in the steemjet activities of distributing steem to everyone who accepts it, and by that method it will give everyone the chance to own steem


They're are humans like you and me given a steempower delegation to take care of post using steemjet tags and also to party. Party in the sense that they can choose to steembath anyone who helps to achieve steemjet goals in a unique way. In steemjet, we party through steembaths which I have already explained what the word means. Currently steemjet delegates ranges from SF1-SF7 and we are a total of 104 with not less than a delegated 600 SP. The delegates in SF1 are given a lot of responsibilities as they are in charge of so many steemjet activities. We couldn't start a curation trail because a lot of people did not even know what steemjet was all about and the steemjet tags was always misused.
You're free to use steemjet tags on any of your quality post but your reward in upvotes from the delegates may not be the same as it given to those who uses it on posts that can help steemjet achieve it goal. If you have a newbie who wants to write an introductory post, please instruct them to use steemjet tags too and the upvotes from our delegates will also come their way.

Steemjet continues growing everyday and the best is yet to come. we're a team called the steemjet space force and we're promoting steem together.

We have a database which we can use to know the members aboard our steemjet managed by our HR team lead by @joshuaetim.
Here is a link to get registered:

We also have a discord channel. You can join us through this link.
We usually conduct a 2 hours radio shows on Wednesdays and Saturdays by 6:00PM (GMT+1) and it hosted by our wonderful voice team

Feel free to check out our developing website managed by @gutzygwin and his teammates

Here is the steemjet community accepted logo made in black white which defines splicity

designed by @shartzy


STEEMJET: on the wings of superstars we are words and steem

You are free to sponsor steemjet achieve it's goal by giving our blog @steemjet or @steemjetcontests a steem power delegation just like @dimimp did to help us achieve this goal.

Thanks to @deandaniel(steemjet inventor) a man whose idea started steemjet months ago


Don't get twisted anymore😉

steemjet on the wings of superstar we are words and steem.

I am Emmanuel Patrick. You can also call me #Empato
@empato365 on the steemblockhain


Nice summary bruv.

Long live STEEMJET.

You are the man bro.
Your idea has created a great deal today.

I also have an aspiration to expand the steemjet community network in my country

You can start up something and show to us your progress then we will support you.

Yes, thank you. I come from Indonesia. I have been a member of Steemjet for two months.
I have introduced steemjet several times to my friends.
these are the names I introduce about steemjet.
I have a desire to expand the steemjet community network globally. I started from my country.
I am now collecting SBD to buy a Laptop device in order to work smoothly.
I have signed up to @dimimp. but no answer yet.
I hope you will help me in expressing my wishes to @dimimp

That was done. He found you

You are doing a good job, if you have any issue talk to any of the SF1 members, and it will reach to @dimimp quickly

thanks. I will try it to talk to SF1.

This is compelling and superb, well done @empato365.
This tends to highlight in details what Steemjet is all about, we'll keep creating more awareness and explanations about Steemjet through words, motions, pictures and videos to help solve the issue of one having a perception about the community like that of a rocket science

This is wonderful. He detailed out everything.

@empato365 you wrote each and everything that a newbie would want to know about steemjet and steem!
The real purpose of #steemjet is to promote a Crypto Currency #steem!
Thant's what we all are doing.

Thank goodness.

I just got a good level of my curiousity satisfied....
thanks to you, now i understand better.
on the winngs of superstars, we are words and steem

Thank for you to sir.

Badass, i loved the simple explanation you gave to everything, sure this will clarify a lot and help people know who steemjet is.

Awesome working with you and the entire steemjet team, this is great

Steemjet forever

Lol it definitely hears you

Thanks for you and most welcome sir... upvote done sir...

This is a good summary about STEEMJET COMMUNITY! bravo @empato365!
It is true there are many other communities in the steemit eccosystem, but there is a community called STEEMJET which i will always be very proud of... not for the fact that it gives me steem, but for the fact that " IT MADE ME ACHIEVING MY DREAMS" steemjet made me realize what i am actually capable of and I have learn a lot form here.
At times i wonder were i would have being in this blockchain without steemjet and a the same being very grateful reaching this far.


Thanks to @dimimp for being our strength all this while.

"on the wings of the superstars, we are words and STEEM"

You are good working with bro. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for you sir
You so great really

I am very interested to join the steemjet community, after reading this post I think this community is very good in the future.

You are welcome to work with us. Please go to @dimimp last post on his blog and request that you need a steempower delegation to become a delegate, tell him what you can do fro steemjet. If you have proves give them and surely he will consider you. Thanks

Thank for you to [email protected]

Kudos to our money man for this great elaboration, its true that some people dont even understand what steemjet is all about, some don't even know our aim yet, but this would really help.

Keep up the good work, together we would work to achieve our vision.

Long live boss dimimp!

Long live the Force members!

Am really short of words, this is really super cool. I just copy the link and save it, to give it to newbies that will love to know what steemjet is.

Very briefly and neatly written. Love the way you explained crypto comparing with Beyonce, Ronaldo etc..Would be really funnier once they start promotong this.

Thank you , I wish I co uld be part of this great initiative

Thanks for information about @steemjet
This is the best community in this platform

On the wings of superstars
We are words and steem

This post is really amazing, alot of people have been asking questions about Steemjet and what they stand for and you have done well to give answers to those questions.
Good Job @empato365

On the wings of Superstars, we are Words and Steem

@empato365 the money man you explain it very well. You have the power and creative mind. I like your new innovations and ideas in this community.
Best wishes for you.

Thank you so much.

Hello SF1 can you guys tell dimimp to support me with 1,000steem

I want to preach about steem in my school

You re really a genius @empato a guy of vision and Ambition,I love the way your post is arranged and the simplicity behind it.. thank you for always dedicating your time for steemjet and May JAH bless your works

Bruv this is great!!

@empato365 . Thanks for bringing this to the limelight again. This should enlighten more members and newbies alike have a full understanding about steemjet. For futher details, I included this on the "about us" page and uploaded it on our github repository. Most which are based on your work and thanks tk you and the community, we are able to do more for the community. Here's the link to the docx file as read.me on our github repository for newbiew and steemjetters alike also to learn more - https://github.com/steemjet/steemjet-website/blob/master/README.md

Thanks for this great information man

Bruv this is great!!

Wow this is so informative. Anyone that had no idea what steemjet is about after reading this post would surely understand ..

True man. 😊

And if they donr afterwards 😂😂😂

They should park well

Lovely written friend
I love steemjet

Yes dear.
We all love steemjet

I'm so proud of the community... Its a breakthrough for some... that art illustration by @yhualez is just everything, i love it On the wings of superstars we are words and steem @empato365 you are really a great person...

Steemjet taking over.

Steemjet and beyond 😊

Revolution is Loading
thanks @empato365

Wow good job..
We are all support steemjet to reached big community in world wide.we are feel proud that steemjet support "SteemJet Bangladesh" charity community.

World wide biggest steemjet

Yeah that will be very cool. Promote steenjet in the best way you can in your country. Thanks for coming on-board it's good to have you here

Thank you so much for support us.already me and @mdmazmulhasan start our work.please pray for us.

You did justice on FAQs... This is awesome money man.

God bless you Sir

People should join the steemjet because when steemjet get global adoption a lot of high ranked people whether celebrities or business man will own the steem or may b present in the steemjet blockchain dhich Will give steemians boost in their steem power by which they can change their standards to higher level...
My support is always with global adoption of steemjet for various benefits and other useful causes to steemians..

Wow this is awesome i really learn alot from this post,now i really understand all i need to know about steemjet.thanks for this post.

Straight to the point and clearly explains what steemjet is all about

@empato365 thanks for this great info.

Have gotten a verse knowledge on steemjet.

Vision so transparent in this post. Nice @empato365

It may seem impossible in this generation because a lot people will not quickly realize it, but if we work harder and leave a mark for the next generation then possibly this goal can easily be achieved, just like scientific, religious and political motives which started generations ago and are being adopted today.

Word ✊✊✊

I yearn for global adoption of steemit.
Its a betterment for everyone.

Imstead of just wasting quality time on ither social media's. You could earn and still have fun on steemit.

Shoutout to @dimimp.
And other menbers if the steemjet space force.

Your jobs no matter how little are well commended . Thanks

well written @empato365... this is much needed.
I'm sure prospective members can learn a lot from this update.
You rock... cheers!!!

This post would bring more insight to those who still have questions about what steemjet is about..
I'm sure during the course of out time as steemjet Force delegates, we can always reference this post as one of those posts that'll give a full insight of what steemjet is all about.
Well written @empato365

I really wanna be part of this. Thanks for the detailed explanation. You got me glued to the end.

Welcome to steemjet.
sf7 design by owaniofficial.png

Thanks man

Nice one. A lot of my questions answered. I'm a new member. We look forward to more updates on innovative ideas and projects of the Steemjet community.
Here's a quick one by me.

it is the first time i completely understand whole steemjet .Steemjet is having some enormous growth lately and we can expect further growth in comming months
keep doing hardwork man

I consider it a privileged to be part of this unique community.. Just barely 4months now and we've got no contenders at all.. I want to thank you all for making this family possible. But all the more so, my profound appreciation goes to @dimimp for his magnanimous generosity..

I commend the effort of the board members who have put in much effort so as to make steem attain global adoption. We shall always continue to work with you and together, we will achieve the goal.

thanks for the informasih i already know a lot about that. very good information. i am very like

Thank you so much for this, it has gone along way

I would ask love to find out if @gentlebot is a steemjet bot because I kinda see it everywhere around here

Lol, I think we all have that question

But if I'm in the best position to reply that I'll say "yes, it is"

U are really missing him rite, not a member his work is to up vote wonderful comments only.

Awesome!!! Amazing stuff

Good resource. BTW how is the website going?

@gutzygwin will have better answers
He's his doing some works to get it better

This is a great post. It answered all the questions I wanted to ask as a newbie to steemjet. Thank you for this. I appreciate

Nice explanation bro, a Great art of @yhualez to explain the steemjet vision <3

Good work man. Am signing up now

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Great talk and its already becoming nice being here @dimimp and i hope i will b able to help and bring people into this great community

This is great information @empato365
I am glad join in @steemjet comunity
steemjet on the wings of superstar we are words and steem

Thanks for this information @empato365
I hear @steemjet commnunity is the best
Great post

Oh mine!!! I'm wowed.
Long live @dimimp
Long live @joshuaetim
Long live @deandaniel
Long live @empato365
Long live @steemjet

Great work for the help of people who needs appreciation for their work!

I am there to help if there is any need!

Long live steemjet

OK so this is why I LOVE STEEMIT - the (generally) altruistic community is AMAZING!!

Steemjet was just recommended to me by @davenavarro and I am keen to get involved.

I run a website for independent musicians, AtomCollectorRecords.com, to help them get their music heard and as soon as I found out about Steemit (and @dsound) in January I saw the potential immediately. I am on STEEMIT 7 days a week and have built the @MusicVoter account to help the musicians I am inviting from my website as well as those already on STEEMIT.

So I have filled out the application form and joined your Discord and hope that we can work together to achieve our mutual objectives of growing Steemit!

Thank you!


Do you want to EARN CURATION REWARDS AUTOMATICALLY and help independent musicians?

@MusicVoter is part of the Atom Collector Records family
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