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Maturity is not a function of Age or position in life, or possession acquired, it is a function of the ability to handle situations in times of crises.

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Learning is both an active and a passive process. As an active process, we therefore directly participate in the process. It requires our personal effort to want to learn and commit everything learnt under focus to memory. Examples includes learning rudimental English, Biology, Economics, Trade, Drawing, Skill acquisition etc.

As a passive process, this is learning without being actively involved in the process. Our effort may not be required during the learning process. It usually occurs mainly in an unconscious state of the mind to which learning is directed. Examples include:- ability to recall a song, a picture, heard and seen without any effort to learn them. This kind of learning occur while we are walking on the streets, market, church, party, classroom theatre etc.

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We are therefore influenced by the knowledge we acquire or derive from learning. Our actions, activities are product of the information we hold within us. Therefore, our personality can be influenced by the learning we subject ourselves to.


For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

We are what we learn. Someone who learns the act of Iron Fabrication cannot become an Auto Mechanic by the reason of the same information, except he acquires the knowledge of an Auto Mechanic.
We are fabricated, shaped and built by the information we hold within our minds. We respond to the processed information the mind holds. Therefore, the minds stores, process and interpret information, then sends it to the targeted part of the body which responds to it (stimuli).

Interestingly, we are connected to this natural world through our senses which are controlled by the mind. When we become mind – absent, we fail to connect with the things which are tangible (natural). Spirits cannot connect with the physical realm except they possess the two important key factor: the mind and body.

The ability to handle situations is individual specific. This is greatly dependent on our natural abilities and what we learn. Some persons are naturally composed, while some may acquire the act of composure through a process of time in learning.

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Our temperament plays a lot of role in handling situations. Those who are phlegmatic will tend to react to situations in a calm manner. On the other hand, those who are aggressive in behaviour, may react in a rather awkward manners.

When we subject ourselves to learning the right-way, the quality information we acquire can change our view point, regulate our temperament and change our full course of living.
Learning is achieved through various process that includes:-

  • Sight (Vision)
  • Hearing (Sound)
  • Sensation
  • Reading (Study)
  • Sight (Vision):-

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The power of vision unequivocally is one of the most important senses that influences learning in nature. What we visualize influences our being greatly. The visualized images are trapped and stored in the mind for a very long time.

For example, Johnny witnessed an accident and Graham heard about the same incidence. Johnny has a more comprehensive detail than Graham, because Johnny was present at the scene, while Graham heard about it and the information may have been compromised. Johnny however can give a firsthand description of what transpired because he was present at the scene of the incidence.

This is an important aspect in learning situation that influences our life. Learning through hearing can either be passive or active. What is learnt by sound amplification is directly transferred to the brain which thus interpret (process), stores and release for use at the appropriate time.

  • Sensation:-

    This is rather a less used means of acquiring knowledge. It is mostly used by people, who have hearing and vision impediment. Learning is achieved through sensations; like smell, touch and feelings which is thus sent to the processing, storage and transmitting faculty, the Brain.
  • Reading:-

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This type of learning is acquired by effort, it makes use of both vision and sound to achieve learning. This is one of the most common method of learning in Educational Institutions which includes high schools, universities, adult education etc.

In conclusion, learning is a continuous process that influences our life, actions horizons etc. When we stop learning we start dying, we become short-sighted to information.
When we stop learning, we stop growing. The brain naturally becomes dull when it is deprived of its processing, interpretation and storage abilities.

We should therefore embrace the act of learning, as a means of embracing knowledge and strengthening our delivery abilities with respect to handling issues.
Knowledge is power; knowledge is wealth and wealth is power. Let us therefore gravitate towards enhancing/strengthening our horizon.
If we need wealth, we should lay hold of vital information. The more informed we are, the more power and wealth we possess. Knowledge is limitless; there is no bound / restrictions to knowing.


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Wow, what an eye opener. Indeed Age, position in life, or possession acquired, is really not a function of maturity. It is really a matured mind that can handle situations. Thanks so much for this little piece of information. May God continue to guild us in all sense of maturity. Thanks.