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RE: "SteemJet Bangladesh" community Future plan

in #steemjet3 years ago

it's not easy to do the great work. now the charity club spending a hard time. we should give them 100% support.
they choose some good future plan, if the plan will succeed, it will be good for Bangladeshi new generation and it will continue the steem blockchain.
so, @dimimp I also request you to give them a change.

my friend @applo and brother @mdnazmulhasan don't worry we will be success very soon.


I think me and @mdnazmulhasan to do this work very carefully.i want to tell that our project are now start .we order 30 nice t -shirt for steemjet Bangladesh project.very quickly we proved our punctuality of this work.

Thank you for your support

go ahead friend, best of luck.

thank you sir

you are welcome sir