"SteemJet Bangladesh" community Future plan

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Steemjet is a global community Hosted on steem blockchain. It is a community of talented superstars working very hard to promote steem in order to Make steem attain a global adoption.


"SteemJet Bangladesh" is a charity club of steemjet biggest family
We are a member of SF7. I am from Bangladesh first I want to tell Bangladesh is so poor country. There is more population in the low area. we notice that many people are suffering and struggle for life. I and @mdnazmulhasan get an idea about charity club in Bangladesh.As a steemjet community member we work for steemjet worldwide biggest family and we share our biggest community in Bangladesh. As soon as our work is started. I think in this process we gather knowledge and publicity of steemjet biggest community world wide.

 “SteemJet Bangladesh’’ future plan:

We have a training canter. We visit every school in Bangladesh and select some talented student for teaching them Graphics design. @mdnazmulhasan specially teach them about steemit, steemjet and graphic designing .We've got more plan. We will go to different schools in our country and explain all the students' about steamjet.

 We need

1. The first-day celebration cost 500 Steem.
2. Ad, Benner, and poster cost 300 Steem.
3. Overhead/ another cost 200 steem

We need to start total 1000 Steem for start. Dear @dimimp ,I think we can do this project as a Bangladeshi steemjet member .please give a change???

Especially thanks for @lordjames.He donate us 200 Steem for “SteemJet Bangladesh” community club. We use 200 Steem for the t-shirt, room decoration and instrument cost. Already we withdraw 100 steem for T-Shirt printing.

Powered by @dimimp



We will definitely be successful. We will always stay with the steemjet. I hope @dimimp sir like our project.

Great works

yes this is always great ...

"SteemJet Bangladesh"
@applo & @mdnazmulhasan guys you are doing great job.
Keep it up & get more and more success.

thank you for support us. We will definitely be successful.

Welcome Allah bless you.

Thank you so much @mosij

I'm from Bangladesh too.
You are right that it is a poor country.It would be helpful for us to open a charity. @applo
May I know where are you from Bangladesh? @mdnazmulhasan

your another id name is @intisar ... am I right??

No,He is my best friend. @mdnazmulhasan

... I know your another id @intisar . ok no problem
apni kothay thaken @ridita

amra apnak kivabe help korte pari??

I am so happy that @applo and @mdnazmulhasan add me in this great work
.personally i says that i will work hard for steemjet and suggest other

Thank you my dear friend

Wow fantastic idea.we want our bangladesh steemjet community in steemjet biggest family.

Thank you our steemjet bangladsh member

I am so interested about "Steemjet Bangladesh" project.Thank you so much @mdnazmulhasan and @applo .please go ahead we are all with you

Thank you for support and help

Steemjet bangladesh project are so great because our country are so poor and there have large population..so i support @applo and @mdnazmulhasan for this great idea.we can make our bangladesh in Digital Bangladesh

Thank you for your kind replay

"SteemJet Bangladesh" project can be change some Bangladeshi new generations luck. everybody know that how hard to do this job , but they choose this work why? because they want to change our country, so we should help them properly.
@applo & @mdnazmulhasan you two are so smart. don't worry, i hope @dimimp sir will be like our project. because it's so nice project...

So kind replay
I appriciated you.
Thank you for stay with our project.

you are welcome

Again thank you

Excellent work.... It's a great job....Keep it up...
I pray to god that you guys will be successful...

Thank you for your support

it's not easy to do the great work. now the charity club spending a hard time. we should give them 100% support.
they choose some good future plan, if the plan will succeed, it will be good for Bangladeshi new generation and it will continue the steem blockchain.
so, @dimimp I also request you to give them a change.

my friend @applo and brother @mdnazmulhasan don't worry we will be success very soon.

I think me and @mdnazmulhasan to do this work very carefully.i want to tell that our project are now start .we order 30 nice t -shirt for steemjet Bangladesh project.very quickly we proved our punctuality of this work.

Thank you for your support

go ahead friend, best of luck.

thank you sir

you are welcome sir


I'm very glad to be hearing this news as a Bangladeshi steemit user. steemjet project make us a successful steemit user.

Thank you so much dear friend
Advance Eid mubarak

your most welcome 😊😊😊
EID mubarak


Just awesome .Helpful for all.Thanks a lot for this.

Thank you sir

Great job.
I hope it will be a good contributable project....
Best of luck


Thank you

Fascinating idea.

Dear @r2cornell sir i am so happy that you visit our project.i want to tell that i am @applo and your fan.i notice you that bangladesh is so poor country in it large population.now me and @mdnazmulhasan is steemjet community member and we are both make a charity plan for our country and steemjet publicity .we help poor student and help to make digital bangladesh..if you like this project please help us.our project are start very soon .

wow impressive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You so great man really sir

Thank you

Most welcome
Please upvote

Stay with steemjet bangladesh

a very good purpose @applo
You and the @mdnazmulhasan have a good soul. not thinking of money for oneself but for helping the poor
Great work

thank you for support us. We will definitely be successful. @mdnazmulhasan & @applo promised that all time we respect our work and do it very carefully

Actually we are member of steemjet community and we do a job in this community..as a community member we want to do something that are helpful for specially our steemjet project and our country.

SteemJet Bangladesh doing great job. I pray that the work is done successfully.

Thank you so much


Are you arranged a party??? 🤣🤣😆🙂☺

Yes we arranged a party

Very informative.great thought

Thank you sir

a brilliant idea.thank you for sharing

Thank you sir

Wow exclusive project are started very soon

Thank you so much

Great policy.i appriciate your idea.i think boss like this.

carry on

Please pray for our community

Thanks you

Fantastic post


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