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RE: Helping Your Hand For SteemJet Bangladesh

in #steemjet5 years ago

it's true, Bangladesh is small country but they have a big population, more sad news is that there is large number of population are lived under the poverty line. as a Bangladeshi citizen, i want Bangladesh come-out from this situation .
i like your project so much. keep on the work, i will always support you my friend .


For solution Our country illiteracy problem in more population and success our government future project "Digital Bangladesh" we get a charity project and teach our countries poor student .In this way we publicity our Steemjet biggest family in our country.

Thank you for your support

wow! it's a great idea dear friend.
to fulfill this dream, we all have to work together. i hope we can do it.
we will convert our country to Digital Bangladesh. don't worry

I will try to join you in the next time

Please stay with us

thank you dost

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