Helping Your Hand For SteemJet Bangladesh

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Many many thanks to @lordjames

Specially thanks for support our Steemjet Bangladesh charity club.


"Steemjet Bangladesh" is a charity club of steemjet biggest family

We are a member of SF7. I am from Bangladesh first i want to tell bangladesh is so poor country.There are more population in the low area. we notice that many people are suffering and stragle for life.Me and @mdnazmulhasan get a idea about charity club in bangladesh .As a steemjet community member we work for steemjet world wide biggest family and we share our biggest community in bangladesh .we print 30 t-shirt for our "SteemJet Bangladesh" member in next week . As soon as our work are started.I think in this process we gather knowledge and publicity of steemjet biggest community in world wide .

QmdPBxwJcafrj5yX61xRh75iYjVU8Ffe18S9LX5XwoF4S5.jpeg Me @applo

QmaSvGGXmmffJBuwYnqvUYHtTRKobvj38Frvat1bJFuyd5.jpeg @mdnazmulhasan
Logo Design By @mdnazmulhasan

"Steemjet Bangladesh" as a charity club we are collect some money and fixed a room as an office.
Now we need some money for overhead cost .we open our club very quickly if you help for our charity project we arranged it very quickly.
@mdnazmulhasan & @applo promised that all time we respect our work and do it very carefully


●[Note:We use 200 Steem for t-shirt ,room decoration and instrument cost]

Steemjet Bangladesh Member List

  1. @mdnazmulhasan (manager)
  2. @applo (supervisor)
  3. @nuralomislam38 (controller)
  4. @rockstar20 (managing director)
  5. @alaminhosain (advisor)
  6. @shohagkhan ( c.i)
  7. @rowdi (P.A)
  8. @minaraju
  9. @robot221
  10. @tiger38
  11. @tigerplus
  12. @hero420
  13. @sumonmia
  14. @pagli
  15. @mim146
  16. @piluback
  17. @mdnazmul
  18. @borshaislam
  19. @reon06
  20. @asif4745
  21. @iqbal5
  22. @ruhulislam
  23. @awal002
  24. @david786
  25. @rasel.khan69690
  26. @mdarfiakash00
  27. @riazsheikh
  28. @shishir230
  29. @ashrafulhoque
  30. @sajibislam

Powered By @dimimp


World Wide SteemJet


yes @applo you are right now steemjet fly high in Bangladesh... thank you @lordjames for support us... many many thanks boss @dimimp

great work you two!

Thank you, sir @dimimp, you are always great

Thank you soo much for your support ...
All of member of our team are so happy and many more are want to joining with this great work but we have not more computer for training so we get start 30 member ..when we have more money then we get more student for soon as we start...please pray for

"SteemJet Bangladesh"

**Powered By @dimimp

Sir i made some designs of T shirt for steemjet please have a look at it.

I just want to say Salute boss @Dimimp. you're great

you are so great sir

Most welcome to sir..


Steemjet is now Biggest tag in steemit platform

i really appreciate this post.
that's called patriotism,
our country is poor, I don't feel shy to tell others because it's true, but sometimes I feel proud when someone thinks about this problem and try to find a way to come out from this situation.
my friend, I proud of you. go ahead. we will be the success very soon.

thank you for the good project.

Thank you so much for feel that.we will try our best for that.

@applo & @mdnazmulhasan & @lordjames Congratulation all of you.
You guys doing good setup for charity.
May ALLAH bless you.

Thank you sir

it's true, Bangladesh is small country but they have a big population, more sad news is that there is large number of population are lived under the poverty line. as a Bangladeshi citizen, i want Bangladesh come-out from this situation .
i like your project so much. keep on the work, i will always support you my friend .

For solution Our country illiteracy problem in more population and success our government future project "Digital Bangladesh" we get a charity project and teach our countries poor student .In this way we publicity our Steemjet biggest family in our country.

Thank you for your support

wow! it's a great idea dear friend.
to fulfill this dream, we all have to work together. i hope we can do it.
we will convert our country to Digital Bangladesh. don't worry

I will try to join you in the next time

Please stay with us

thank you dost



Sir dimimp ... thanks for your upvotes .... Am I able to join your community??? sir I need your help in promoting Steemjet in high schools and colleges

Where are you from??

Sorry boss "SteemJet Bangladesh " is a bangladeshi charity can't join with us

Thank you for support

You people are doing a great job sir ...... charity is something by which we can help the poor and needy people .... The one who donates willingly and happily reaps more benefits than the one who donates under pressure or with the expectation of return

Please let me know If I can do anything for this charity funding

obiously we need support,now we need money for starting then we contact to you

thamks for stay with us

My pleasure sir

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Good Job Dear Boss
we are with you!

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