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Considering the recent shift in focus of the community from preaching steem and it's adoption, the steemjet media whose task has been to host TV shows, organise radio shows, take coverage of events/seminars/talk shows has taken a step forward by creating room for more individuals to participate in this since the community will no longer be preaching steem but various cryptocurrencies relying on the number of people currently in the department will make it a very difficult task and almost impossible to be accomplished. The department will be hiring 10 people or less to help broaden their horizon and reach out to a lot of people.


  • You must possess leadership qualities because steemjet media is made up of organised people.
  • Your location is important because selection will also be based on that.
  • It is open to everyone both space force members and non-space force members.
  • You must have some experience doing media work since the department requires teamwork and initiative.
  • You must possess high level of communication skills.


  • Application/resumé should be made as posts and links to the post dropped in the comment section or make it as a comment in this post.
  • How to help the department achieve it's goals and the kind of skills you possess must be stated in your application.

Note: The recruitment process will come to an end in 7 days and all applications submitted after that period of time will be invalid.


We organize radio shows on steemjetradio discord channel where we educate people and discuss about blockchain and other related stuffs. Since the inception of this show, we have given out over 100 steem as giveaway price to participants of our show. At a point we couldn't achieve this anymore because we lacked funds for it so we resorted to upvoting posts of winners in our show.


link to steemjet Discord channel

With the tasks we have at hand and all we are committed to do, we have created @steemjetmedia account. This account will focus more on creating audio and video contents for blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing. We will promote and teach true blockchain like LTC/DGB/VTC
coins that are successfully progressing towards the completion of their development of the most advanced traditional deflationary currency as a POW chain
We will also use this account to reward participants on our radio show as we work to teach more and more people.
We will organize the first steemjet blockchain summit in Nigeria in collaboration with the steemjet boss @deandaniel and all SF1 members,we cover and promote the video content all across every social media platform with the help of @lifeofdarlington.
In order to achieve all this, we dont want to always ask for liquid steem from you @dimimp but we ask that the @steemjetmedia account be recognized, approved and delegated about 30 - 40k steem power so as to upvote and raise fund for our projects.

500 steem was received which was also used to get our camera for video recording.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-02 at 3.23.51 PM.jpeg



There will be a Steemit event in Nigeria around October this year and we are definitely going to cover that event as part of our job. We intend to raised funds by self upvoting our contents with the delagation received from you.

On this note steemjetmedia team which consists of

@kekegist (cashed out)
Gladly accept the payout offer of liquid steem.

Thank you so much for your support so far,We love you @dimimp


SteemJET will always get bigger and better than this ..... I love it when it comes to media cos it consists of almost all we want to advance!!! say; Broadcast, movies, videos, Radio , Telecast and more ; all in Media.

I can't wait to see this account fully funded and vested by steemjet community sponsor @dimimp so as to help accomplish your aims with ease.

I can't ask you guys to stop cos your team is one of it Kind!!

Keep up the good work and keep helping steemjet community to grow.

Bravo!! @steemjetmedia.

thank you so much @mbj for your supports and for the design we really appreciate.
we are passionate about media work and we will never let steemjet down
steemjet to the moon

Well this is a good initiative to hire members to move this department forward. Looking forward to the anticipation of new workers and demanded requests.

yes we are going to be teaching crypto all over,that is why we need more people in other to be able to cover different location within our reach,thanks for your comment

Steemjet is a good community. Heard about it from @kristenantai01 @mathemandy and @profchydon.
I will like to join the team so I can know more about steemjet and I will try my best to tell more people about steemit community.

you are most welcome to steemjet family!!!
you can submit your resume to join us

your resume has been recorded
kudos excellent explanation

My name is Walter, Utibe, a graduate of computer science Unical, i am a young man with great potential who work as an I.T administrator, a person that has great ego for success, hardworking and focus.

I like spending at least 80% of my time online doing research and as well learning new things, apart from that i have other special skills which are listed below:
1- Effective communication skill both in written and verbal.
2- Strong training skills, team spirit and collaboration.
3- Excellent interpersonal and people service skills.
4- Strong ability to handle work pressure.
5- A good team player.

Base on the nature of your job, i believe that my skill are very much needed and as well will be helpful if i am chosen to be among your great team.
I look forward to hear from you soon .

Thank You.

sorry the application deadline has been met...

didn't see this on time though

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It's a big project, i really love your anticipation in making steemjet a well known platform for everyone and making people acquaint with cryptocurrency which am optimist it will be accomplished in the nearest future.
Am confide in Steemjet as it's blessed with one in a million Charitable boss @dimimp and An Amazing space forces we are proud of you guys.
As a kid member of steemjet, i really posses a big passion and love for this community.
@steemjetmedia @mbj well done. 👍
One Love

thank you for your compliments and welcome to steemjet.

Name: Iloha Jennifer @jenypher

Am new into steemit so joining steemjet media will be a stepping stone into the steemit community.

Steemjet media will need jovial, responsible and well-mannered people to make it going and I know that I possess all of that.
With what I possess, interacting with people won't be a problem for me.

Thanks steemjet media for this opportunity.

your entry has been recorded

I love every of your videos,I love your hardwork in making sure steemjet is a success, Weldon @steemjetmedia

thank you dear for your pleasant comments and encouragement.

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