Steemjet uyo : My experience

in #steemjet6 years ago

I must say im one of the happiest people who attended the @steemjet meet up held today 23/06/18 at the Tetfund-250 capacitt hall, permanent site, University of Uyo


Each aspect of todays meet was a blessing to my life. I learnt a lot of goodies 😁😁

And i also was one of the cash prize winners .
I was tripping when i was called upon to recieve my gift 😋😋😋😋

Big thanks goes to all the organizers of the event .im very grateful @deandaniel @samsticks

And thanks to all the steemjet delegates who made it down there. @folly-panda special shoutout man.
@empato365 we greet you sir 😂😂
Thank you all.

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