SteemJet Bangladesh Community Office room

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Effective work 1st Step

•At first
I salute @dimimp and
Respect to @lordjames
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In previous post of @mdnazmulhasan,dear @lordjames sir want to know effectively of our work.I am now so happy that we complete our office room.


I want to tell i am an engineering student and i complete my engineering coarse in previous month.Now i am in home and there are so network problem so i can't connect my job all time..very soon network problem will be solve but now i am busy because @mdnazulhasan give a a duty to ready our office room...After many problem we complete our office room..i want to tell my friend @mdnazmulhasan help me so much ..i can't success if he didn't support me...when i can't decide anything i call my friend and he give a amazing solution ...

overall we are success!


☆In our office room decoration cost

《》Table cost- 120 Steem
《》One single Chair cost- 100 Steem
《》Almari cost- 80 Steem
《》17 chair cost- 100 Steem
《》Wall cloth settings- 150 Steem
《》Fan cost -40 Steem
《》Balb,other tools cost -20 Steem
《》Room per month -30 Steem
《》4 laptop cost-2000 Steèm
《》T shirt print,Benner,flyer,card -110 Steem
《》Others cost total -80 Steem

Now Total cost of our community 2830 Steem

We arranged 2000 Steem for this community
@lordjames give 200 steem
@dimimp give200steem/ 220 SBD

Total =2400 Steem

We need more 430 Steem


We arranged a school gaming competition in next month so we need 2000 steem

So total needed are 2430 steem .sir we start our community i don't know you like or not but me/@applo and @mdnazmulhasan lose our time and money for this community! If you don't support our community we are both losses and sham/fake in our familiar person.we work for you because you give me a job and we work for you in long time?@dimimp sir please response our work and if you have other idea about our community please tell we try hard for you?Now many people know about our community when i complete our office room..Please sir ,don't fall our in losses ?😐😐😑

images (13).jpeg

Stay with us


Steemjet Bangladesh community To help everyone prepare....

I hope we are success

Fantastic work.i like steemjet bangladesh community master plan.

Thank you so much

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Fabulous work sir

Fantastic 🤗

Steemjet Bangladesh is the best community in steemjet platform.

Thank you for your support

Vote for "Steemjet Bangladesh"

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Wow good job?
All of work are completed very quickly
That's amazing!

We are so hopeful for our work.i think dim boss support it

Ronaldo is the great
I love him so much

Yes' ronaldo is great!

Your steemjet Bangladesh community is so peaceful.i appreciate this type work

Actually we arranged our community for peaceful work

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