Steemit Weekly - 09-02-2018

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Steemit's Weekly Scoop

Zero SBD Printing Causes Pancake Pandemic

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When you read through the orders, the above pancake cost $3.15. It's the ninja pancake.

The giraffe pancake cost $1.13 and the one above cost $2.31.

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New Service In Town

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Steemians are divided on self-voting, how will @SmartVote fair and what's different about it?

The SmartVote system works via SP delegation from its members and combines the received delegated SP to provide a return the form of daily upvotes on your posts or comments at 10x your delegate SP.

Note the pre-conditions attached to the service. You can't be sloppy about that content.


A New Orca Rises

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Check out @dhenz. Dan invested in STEEM during the dip and highlights looking at the future, going with the tech flow and "skating where the puck is going".


What Does A Full Day of Voting Reveal?

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Do you manually upvote posts or through SteemAuto? Numbers say 42% of votes cast in the blockchain are auto-votes.

Do you ever wonder if people read your posts? 😞

Thanks to @crokkon for putting the data together.


A Steemian Passes

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Dear @karensuestudios,
On behalf of the team, condolences to the friends and family of Steven @stevenalexander.


STEEM Breaks 1 USD For 6 Hours

Is STEEM looking up? It broke through the dollar mark for 6 hours. Now it's back down under a dollar and hovering close to the dollar mark.

Will you buy and invest in STEEM like Dan @dhenz did?


Welp, no contest for this week.

But we have popcorn for you.

EHU7q5Iz.gif EHU7q5Iz.gif
That's all for the last week of August 2018!

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Interesting to see @dhenz invest during the dip. I wonder how many others picked up more STEEM.

The whispers on the street are that the next bull run will favour projects that have a working product.


It would be interesting to see who got more steem.

I wonder what types of products will cause the "next bull run"? Promotional T-Shirts or apps?

Hopefully the bulls don't run us down!


The last bull run was stopped due to lack of infrastructure and knowledge. I remember people were trying to open accounts on exchanges and they had to suspend registrations.

They have now had 6+ months to upgrade and be able to handle more volume.

Expect the next bull run, when it arrives, to be of epic proportions.

It may not be dapps or t-shirts. It may simply be people forced to look at crypto Investments when they see their fiat dropping. There's been a massive rise in crypto holdings in Turkey and Bitcoin is the gateway drug.

The people who are now investing in mining infrastructure are not short term investors. I know one data centre provider that has opened a mining plant in Paraguay and is speaking to the government there to increase mining capacity next to their hydro power generator.


Hmm, you've been reading my analysis!! But, grashopper, you have much to learn!


We hope you are right. But were not so sure that the infrastructure is ready for it. Seems real buggy when there is a slight up tick in transactions on the block chain.

Yesterday we noticed a block that only has 10 transactions.

Thanks for all the fun times @themarkymark. We appreciate everything you do.
!popcorn & !pancakes


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There were many contests going on at the time.
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We try to find contest that everyone would be able to enjoy and participate.
We like to give our readers a fun free contest.

If there are too many rules or it requires "entry fees" we don't put them into the weekly post.


Steemit Weekly publishes on Sunday morning in EST. Better luck next week!

I don't necessarily think it's the automation that causes posts to be read less... I think it's two things. #1 Most people just mostly put out their own stuff and don't interact with others much and #2 which is much more important.. The % of your friend/follower list that sees your stuff when you post.

I don't know what steemit's is at, but I'm guessing they modeled it similar to Facebook cause the interaction I get is similar.
HOWEVER.. Back when Facebook had their % up at around 17% I think it was, things were booming on there for almost everyone, big pages and small. Though then they reduced it all the way to 1% or less. And now people are mostly talking to themselves, some big pages still do well, but.. Even then they only usually reach like 1% of their followers/subscribers. I personally believe this is for Facebook to promote their advertising services and to try to get people to pay to advertise their content more.

I think all steemit has to do is increase the amount of people who see your content on the feed, the model they are using seems to promote and encourage advertising and bidbots cause it's almost the only way to get a lot of attention outside of manipulating the system by creating bot accounts or creating fake conversations to boost the content on the algorithms.

I could be wrong! But.. To me it feels like they are using a bad algorithm and that's one of the things I've mentioned a number of times in my critical posts. It'd be cool if someone could find out what the % is that steemit uses. As I said, I dunno what it is.. But it feels a lot like the one Facebook uses.

Anyways.. Interesting roundup as usual! Good work. :D


Thank you for enjoying our work!

There is a difference in history between Steemit and Facebook. Facebook started out as an exclusive club for Harvard alumni and related persons before being public. It sounds dumb, but it had solid personalities and potential huge investors already on the platform.

Steemit, on the other hand, we don't even know the ratio of humans:bots in the daily 50-60k active users.

Since there is money involved through posting, in addition to profitability of promotional services, compounded by click and forget curating, it is understandable that people would choose the lazier route and forget the social aspect altogether.

I actually did the same, I managed to buy some steem when it was at it's lowest point. Not a great deal, but it all helps! I have decided that I am going to use it in a number of ways. I powered up all of it but then I thought to myself, I wonder if it would be better to use some to obtain delegation? So I have a little trial running there. I also have some as liquid steem which I think I may try to do some day trading with to try and increase my steem even more. I need to be careful though as the last time I did this, the prices went through the roof and I lost out BIG TIME! So am cautious about trading.


Trading is not easy. We wish you all the best!

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