Steemit Ultimate Challenge 8 Weeks ( Prize Fund 2000 SBD ) Week #5 - Registration is in Progress

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Eight Weeks Steemit Ultimate Communication Challenge ( Prize Fund 2000 SBD) - How Steemit Changed your life. I decide I will be ultimate judge for best choice. Post that moves me being Unique and Original will be The One. It has to stimulate and inspire me in order to give it a Go.

All aspects of communications apply:

  • Life communications
  • Financial communications
  • Business communications
  • Education communications

Steemit Communication Challenge - How Steemit Communications changed your life. You can express it in photos, text, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts.Better the statement higher the score will be.You can express it via photos, text, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts.Better the statement will result in higher score.Better the facts will give you better reviews from Steemit followers of this competition.

Your post could be about how Steemit Communications helped you in meeting new people, getting to know community, personal achievement, family effort and unity, business improvements, communication experiences etc...Post has to be inspirational, motivational and verifiable for all followers in order to get enough votes from hosts. How Steemit Communication positively influenced your life. This votes will get you to next level and the following next week competition round. With each additional week we will follow development and improvements in your post and example for your successful story.

Remember it is not only about individual, it could be couple, family,friends, pets, objects, "all for one, one for all" approach, new book, new friendships, new discoveries in life etc...We will value overall aspect of your post.
Thank you for competition Sponsors : @dobartim , @flysky , @aidasfg7 .

8 weeks competition

Every week we choose one winner of 100 SBD

After 7 week only weekly winners 7 people total will compete for 3 Prizes
First Place - 1000 SBD
Second Place - 200 SBD
Third Place - 100 SBD
The final competition is in the Eight week

  • Your story must be a minimum of 1000 words and minimum one image
  • You need to put in the title of your post " Steemit Ultimate Challenge 8 Weeks - Week #5 "
  • Put in tags of your post #steemitultimatechallenge
  • Put @dobartim and this competition link in your post for other competitors
  • You must to be my follower
  • Only judges can vote : @dobartim ( From now I am the only judge of this competition, and I chose winners )

Note : Maximum winning is total two times ( one weekly and one final)
If you don't win that week you can post different post next week

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted

Thanks to Donors : @aidasfg7 55.512 SBD, @flysky 40 SBD, @xpilar 10 SBD , @sultan-aceh 5 SBD , @utomobong 5 SBD, @fadhila 2 SBD, @udembahenry 1 SBD

The Winner from the Week #1

The Winner from the Week #2

The Winner from the Week #3

The Winner from the Week #4

Day #1

Day #2

Day #3


Be a part of our family on discord channel

See you on the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim


Keep it coming and help all steemians to understand the need to bring their part.
Hope everyone to participate and thanks for keeping this up.
Great encouragement as well.

Such as this contest could make steemit a more exciting platform!

This contest I loved, I would like to know how I can compete in it ..

Make your Steemit story and put link in place for comment

It is ok to cry

When you realize how good Steem makes you feel 👍✨❗

Re-steemed by @serbia

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Radi na clanovima

Skoro smo poceli i rastemo polako. Hvala puno na podrsci!

@dobartim a good opportunities to earn buck. I am pretty sure everyone have their own story and steemit always given a reason to smile. I read few of the article and steemit happen to be their life changing platform... I have resteemed to reach maximum participation .. I too participate ..on it...thanks for the wonderful oppurtunities👍

We win together, be part of our Steemit School o discord channel


ভালো তো হা হা

Thanks for this opportunity, it's really huge and helpful. Well, as I just joined this platform.

May I join there? My score 36. Is there any conditions for applicant?
Please answer.......

Make your story

Sounds very good DQmTmqUuXWCHGSj7TzgP8vd5dZvHx7idbvm2dANscmdDhiP.png

Thanks for sharing usefull information to us, i like it and upvote your post, greeting from me @abialfatih

Greetings from steemit school , be part in our discor channel

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Oh my God 1000SBDs, really, count me in.

Same with me. Steemit has really changed a lot of lives. I am a testimony.

Sir @dobartim, My reputation is too low to display in your feed...Please here is my link below concerning the Week 8 Contest>>>>

I'm less then 4 hours old in this community but this is a great way to get people involved. I don't really have any life changing experiences as of yet, which kind of precludes me from participating... But Upvote nonetheless! :)

Welcome to our Steemit school for support

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

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Steemit change my life in many aspect... from personal to financial. I will write my story too.

I post good quality memes, to entertain The Whole Community, check my timeline!!!

Wow such a great concept. I will be throwing my hat in the ring!

Welcome in the world of dogs

in which case it is highly possible that one achieves a very desirable thing, but in some parts of the world they still do a struggle that requires a sacrifice to achieve what is desired or aspired to

Welcome to steemit

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If they were to build a new version of Steem, what things should be done differently? How would you redesign the platform?

Amazing challenge showcasing good story and a good price in it.. will surely inspire people to share their story and the will be a very big help ro the future winner's. Good luck in advance fellows and. Congratulations @dobartim for the success of this challenge I've read many inspiring and good stories. More power to you and God bless

I’m in!! 👍🏽

Welcome to steemit

Thanks for the info ...

You are welcome

Well I don't have many words but I'd say significantly.

Welcome to our steemit school discord channel

Astounding test exhibiting great story and a decent cost in it.. will unquestionably motivate individuals to share their story and the will be a major help ro what's to come winner's. Good fortunes ahead of time colleagues and. Congrats

Hey. How u doing. I cant sleep

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This is so cool , but how will one be able to compete

With Steemit story

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Wow Great work ....and good oppertunity for the steemians

You Can find & read out about Steemit here >>
Steemit Quick Start Guide For Beginners : How to Create/Register/Sign up to Steemit for FREE - Part #1

he of course. bgai which way it yes 😀

As a new comer, I Hope a help from you @dobartim to promote my birthplace, a beauty #Gayo Highland, this is new destination choice in Aceh.
Thanks for u.

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Here is my submission, thank you very much for putting this amazing contest on! Followed-Voted-Resteemed!

Thank you @dobartim This was definitely challenging. Here is my entry
Thank you for your consideration.

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Ask for help like my post for a while

This is arguably the hardest contest i have entered for and am glad i did here is my entery.

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What an incredible opportunity for us all to shine bright ~ thanks @dobartim.

A monumental contest :)

You can read my entry HERE. Please & thank~you.

Rick and I.jpg

With Love.

And wishing all well.


Great @dobartim, many blessings for you for this initiative full of great opportunities to grow and multiply our wellness opportunities with Steemit. Reading to great people who dare to tell their life motivates us much more. I will participate in week 6.

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