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Well first of all, I am quite new on steemit and would like to learn more about steemit while making friends in this community. I might need some beginners guides to read about how to use steemit to be able to use this platform better. For people who like to skip to my first coin showoff, you can skip the next two paragraphs.

I am silver-horde on steemit (or The_One on Numista), I first know about steemit via a discord group called #steemitsilvergold ( I've been there for quite some time and the group is excellent, you should join it if you like to chat with people in steemit community.

Other than steemit, I also use platforms like Numista, colnect, and ucoin to manage my coin collection as well as learning numismatics. In fact, I am quite active on Numista I am currently a Numista referee as well as an admin for Numista discord ( Part of the reason why I started to use steemit after sometime in the #steemitsilvergold discord group is because I am hoping to meet enthusiastic collectors helping out coin catalogs on Numista, as well as promoting both the #steemitsilvergold and Numista server.

Now, about the coin... 🥁

The two pictures above are the obverse and reverse of the 1989 China 10 yuan silver panda. It is the first silver panda that is in brilliant uncirculated (although can look like proof in some pieces with ultra cameo) condition, and the first made in 999 fine silver 1 troy ounce when all silver pandas in previous years were either made in different purities of silver or in odd weights (which I might write more about it in my future posts). In fact, this was the first silver panda intended to be sold as silver bullion instead of a numismatic product by the Chinese government, although was quickly treated as a numismatic product again by the secondary market.

The 1989 silver panda was made in larger quantities than other early pandas in the 80s and 90s. It has a relatively large mintage of 255,000 - a mintage that is still quite small comepare with mintage of many silver pandas in recent year, which are made in millions. I was fortunate enough to buy this coin slightly above premium a few years ago, which lead my interest on Chinese coins ever since.

If you like what I posted today. Please upvote the post and follow my profile. I will try to make new post every week to share more about coins.

Thanks for your reading

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Welcome to steem @silver-horde,

Thank you sir.

Hi. I am not posting that much anymore but upvoting daily. I have the whole panda serie 1989-2019 in silver BU. And quite some gold ones (2014 onwards). Have fun!

good for you, the early Pandas especially year 2000 are quite expensive.

Welcome to Steemit! It's really a great place for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! :)

Finally! 😄

It is great to see you actually ON steemit and not just in the #steemsilvergold discord. And sharing a cute panda to boot.


will put more in the future

Welcome, @silver-horse! I hope you will enjoy your days here, and I look forward to learning more about you and your interests! If I can be of help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask or any of the great peeps of SSG!
I like Pandas! It is a great Bullion coin. Thanks for the background on the coin!
Have a great day, and welcome once again.🌺🤙

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I am @silver-horde haha, but I would like to own a silver horse one day

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Just to speak the same language, our group is steemsilvergold, not steemitsilvergold. That is my OCD talking...
Again, be very welcome to our little group.

yeah... sorry for the typo haha

Welcome to steem @albertogio,

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Great to see you finally posting.

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@silver-horde Hey Welcome here dear... Glad to see you here....
Upvoted you 100% !!!
Hope just like your #introduceyourself post your every post gets on top and you achieve your goal using steemit...
If you need any help or assistance feel free to tell me over steemchat...
I will be always there for you!!!!
Do view my profile and follow me to get one of the amazing valuable blogs on steemit!!!! Thanks=) @silver-horde

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Welcome to steem, i am gonna nominate you for a place in the group if your not already there and delegate the 10sp for your basic membership and to make things easier on your RC i am gonna delegate 50sp till the new year to help.

thank you for your delegation. I might need to learn how delagation on steemit works so that I can help out the community in the future.

Congratulations @silver-horde!
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Welcome to Steem! You have taken the first step in achieving many goals here at the crossroads of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and social media. Consistent engagement is needed to progress and grow your following and influence. I am currently working on a weekly post to curate new users and providing them an introduction to the ecosystem. I have selected your post as one I will feature in an upcoming post! In addition, I have published a post that provides great references to assist you in your journey. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback!

Welcome @silver-horde to #steemsilvergold on Steemit, I recall seeing your name on Discord a few times. I'm on the Numista Discord as well but not often. I do use the Numista website database often as a part of my research. Glad to see you here.

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