100 Days Of Poetry - DAY 2 - You Complete Me

This is day 2 of the 100 days of poetry challenge organised by @d-pend and here is my entry.
You could also join in the challenge by joining the steemit school on discord here

My poem for today was written by me this morning while thinking about love.

I thought I could smile without you
But 1 second without you smiling at me,
And I'm writhing in pains

I thought I could eat without you,
But now, I lost my appetite for food


I thought I could walk without you
Right now, I feel lame

I thought I could talk without you
But now, the only thing I can say is your name

I thought I could fight without you
Why do I feel so weak fighting for our love?


How could I have been so foolish
To think that I could actually be on my own?

If I say I love you,
it could pass for a lie...
Because, the real truth however....
Is that you complete me

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Babe, I go love too o.

I love the last line. Keep loving & keep writing about it.


Please love o

And erm, you can actually love me if you wish


the truth is that you are good


Oh, wow.
Thanks much

this is so lovely dear.... wow!


Smiles, thanks dear

I will complete you and you will complete me.

And Las Las , we will complete each other.



Oya na.