100 Days of Poetry Challenge Update [Day 0] (Day 1 starts at 6 PM GMT!)

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100 Days of Poetry Challenge
-----Update [Day 0]-----

(Day 1 starts at 6 PM GMT!)

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Hi everyone. Wow. I'm quite amazed at the turnout for the challenge thus far. We have over 100 entrants! In fact, I might as well say it—

I'm probably gonna need help with this!

Problem is, I don't know with what exactly... but the prospect of reading over 100 poems daily and keeping track of everything seems nigh impossible. I've never hosted a challenge of this sort before! So I'm sure there it will not be run perfectly.

Anyone who is more experienced with poetry that would be willing to volunteer and teach class on some days would be highly appreciated. For now, we are gathering at 7 PM GMT (one hour after new days start.) Class time is subject to change, so check out the announcement in these daily updates. If you want to volunteer to help me curate any of the categories (beginner, intermediate, advanced) or anything else, please contact me in Discord where I am @d-pend#5693.


Changes to challenge operation & reminders

I have to give a shout out to @quillfire who gave me excellent feedback in private on how to improve this challenge. The main change is how daily prizes will work, and the addition of weekly prizes. There will now be 3 main categories for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Winner in each category daily will be awarded 3 SBD. The remaining 1 SBD per day will go towards a weekly reward of 5 SBD for overall best poem in each category selected from the daily winners. The limit on number of wins is also abolished (there used to be a limit for once in 25 days) so try your best!

Another major thing forgotten in the first post: please put the day number somewhere in the title of your post, to help me find them more easily. Use the tag #steemitschoolpoetry as one of your 5 tags. If you have not yet joined the Steemit School discord please do so now: https://discord.gg/hyfYQ9P. If you speak a language other than English you should be writing in that language and then translating into English (do not just use Google Translate!) You can decide which language to put first in your blog. The minimum length is 14 lines and any style is allowed. (free verse, rhyme, sonnet, spoken word, etc.)

Post the poem on your Steemit blog and share in the #100-days-of-poetry channel in the Discord. Make sure you include at least two pictures and cite your sources. You can also record a video or audio of you reading the poem and upload to @dsound or @dtube. If you do this, make your blog design on Steemit.com first and then post to the DApp of your choice. Then copy the design and paste into your auto-generated article.

Days begin and end at 6 PM GMT. The first prizes will be determined at the close of Day 1 on March 8, 2018. The first weekly prizes will be determined at the close of Day 7.


How will poet categories be determined?

First let me state that I am not too fond of categorization. Everyone is an advanced poet, potentially. The only difference between a novice and a maestro is the illusion of linear time. This is something to help us organize things, that is all. That said, the categorization of poets into beginner, intermediate, and advanced will happen in the following way:

  1. In your Day One poem, please put somewhere in a "Reading Notes" section at the bottom what level you consider yourself. In this way the poet will have some input into it.
  2. I will determine based off this, the amount of time you have shared that you have been writing, and by reading your poem where to place you.
  3. I reserve the right to move you up or down in category as the challenge progresses (because it is somewhat relative. Especially up, as we all increase in capability!)


What will class consist of?

Class will be held each day with a different focus. I will determine the theme for the day and write it in an update post. The three daily winners will be invited to read their poem and give a short explanation on its meaning and construction. We will have guest lecturers and performers some days. For now, it will be held at 7 PM GMT until 8 PM GMT. First class is later today at that time, please join in the Steemit School Live section of our discord channel!



We will also periodically have workshops on various aspects of writing, markdown, blogging, etc. that will help us take our content to the next level. These will be announced at least one day prior in the daily update.


Thanks for joining!

Much gratitude to all the amazing poets and poets-to-be that are putting in their part towards this gargantuan effort. Please look for your name in the list at the bottom of this post to ensure you I have marked your enrollment! Enrollment will officially close at the start of Day 1, so there is still a bit more time to join :-)

100-day-announce 2.jpg

What you can do to help

Whether you are an entrant or not, you can help this challenge by upvoting & resteeming these updates, upvoting, resteeming, and commenting on the daily poems of the entrants, and trying to get the ear of more whales and dolphins to support this initiative with their vote and resteem. Let's increase the presence and vibrance of the poetic community and practice increasing our awareness through this wonderful art form!!!


Full list of participants as of
3/7/18 at 6:42 am GMT:


Much love to all.
I can't wait for this to begin!!

Original rules article: https://steemit.com/steemitschool/@d-pend/announcing-the-steemit-school-poetry-100-day-challenge



Writing & images
By @d-pend

Join the Steemit school
Discord here: https://discord.gg/hyfYQ9P
Become part of the movement!

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thanks for education nice poetry bro.😊

everyday is a living poetry..thanks for this @d-pend

I think the changes are really good @d-pend. A weekly winner addition will bring more spice to the challenge.
And for everyone here, you really need to join the steemit school if you haven't already. There are a lot of steemit gurus that are there to guide you and share their experiences with you.
@d-pend is there to guide on and teach poetry. You don't want to miss this opportunity. Join the steemit school today.

I would like to join in the 100 day poetry challenge.

I have commented on the original post as well.

I really love the update and improvement so that it gets across to everyone.
From the winning condition. I read that a person can only win once in 4 weeks unless i didn't read it properly but i think there should be an adjustment to once a week or once in two weeks so that people can really engage in it.
If say once in 4 weeks, if a person wins the first week, there will not really be any driving force to write more since there is no reward for the person until after 4 weeks again.

Hey @inspiredgideon1 thanks for the feedback. In fact, I have abolished this limit on winning, thanks for reminding me! I simply forgot to add to the article. Updated :-)

Abolishing it totally might not be that healthy for others to win.
As a new person still writing, if the person wins. It will boast his or her moral to write more.
I think a one week limit will be a good one but any way it depends on the decision you take.

There will be a limit but not a hard and fast limit. Definitely no more than once a week. I agree with what you're saying :-)

It is actually a great opportunity for poets and great initiative by @d-pend.

I sometimes write poems. I was telling you earlier...
I want to participate this poetry challenge....

What do I need to do to attend?
Can I take part in this compitation ?

I will add you @prince121. Pardon me if we were talking and I forgot, it is very difficult to keep up with. All you need to do is read the original rules (https://steemit.com/steemitschool/@d-pend/announcing-the-steemit-school-poetry-100-day-challenge) and the additions in this posts and tell me your experience level. Also join the School Discord: https://discord.gg/hyfYQ9P

Thanks, I read the rules of 100 days poetry challenge.....and finally i joined discord....
How do I know my registration is complete @d-pend?

Every participation makes brave anyone..
So ,,, I think this the blog increase my power for participation anywhere...
Thanks for the educational blog post..
Nice to see your poetry..
Great to share

That's a very nice opportunity for the new telent.They have got a chance to show their talent and they are going to earn for that also,thats great i think.Thank's to @d-pend for such nice initiative.@upvoted and resteemed

Cara membuat artikel bisa memahami kami yang membaca sukses terus @d-pend

Amazing, @d-pend, infact the prospects of these makes me have goosebumps
I really do hope we can have as many amazing experiences, infact, How about you consider three amazing entries they not be the winner but they can also get to read out their poems in the channel

It would be great, so far, it's been going Very fine and you've brought the best poetry movement on steemit, way to go my friend I'm so happy about this,

Amazing! I can't wait to be part of this. I know I will totally enjoy the experience. My advice to my fellow contestants: See this as an opportunity to learn and have fun, this way, even even you don't win, you won't be discouraged

Thanks for the update! After reading in the first post that winner of each day will be anounced an hour later I couldn't imagine how you'll make it through all of them. Hope you'll get someone to help you.

Good luck to everyone!

Please help my post @d-pend

101 contestants.. this is impressive. And i believe would be very competitive..
Good luck to everyone.

yes, best of luck to all :-)

Well ... what will the first day's poem be about? or the poem is free what one wants to publish

any style any form @joelgonz1982... you decide :)

ok I already have designed. the first poetry for the challenge and to the public I just need to find the right image for poetry

Looking forward to this opportunity. It's a huge challenge, so just getting my bottomless bucket of creativity ready.

Looking forward to your contributions @naquoya! Bottomless bucket, indeed... :-)

Nice update. I can't keep calm anymore

very sad, I signed up but there is nothing in the list and can not keep up this contest.

You are on the list @lindae :)

Thanks brother

@d-pend, I'm also waiting to start contest and can't wait more to see amazing poetry of participants. No worries needed. I'm pretty sure you'll get massive support from steemit audience coz you organized Wonderful & amazing poetry challenge. I most salute you for changed poet categories be determined.

Ok guys,
Only few hours available to start contest. @d-pend waiting to see your entries. I know this is a hard work to manage. But I know you'll do your best. Thanks for the effort. It's priceless.

Enjoy with #steemitschoolpoetry & wish you all the best.

I sure can’t wait to submit my entry. Thanks to d-pend for this great opportunity, this will create a platform for young poet or let me use the word beginner. I’m gonna express myself in my native mother tongue which I see as a freedom in the world of poetry. This is gonna be interesting and I’m gonna enjoy every bit of the contest for 100days . Gracias... more grease to your elbow

@d-pend, I love the update and adjustment for easier access of the poem, and again would have love to join the moderators but am also a participant so that wouldn't be accepted. Nice work I must commend
I noticed you forgot to add this to the rules, that every participants should put their link on the poetry section on the discord channel #100-days-of-poetry to get qualified...

sorry, @d-pend.
I signed up from yesterday
and I have been received in #discord
but I did not find my name on the list.
can not I join?
thank you

Thanks, I missed to add your name. Added now @munawire. Good luck!

thank you very much @d-pend
Thank you, teacher
I am very happy

I love writing poetry. I've said it before ...
I want to participate in the challenge of this poem ....

What should I do to attend?
Can I take part in this compilation?
I really want to follow the 100-day challenge of poetry. thank you

Thanks @rizky05 you are now added. :-)

Thanks. I very happy

I signed up from yesterday
I received in #discord
I have also sent a poem that I wrote for 4 hours.
I am very sad kaeena my name @munawire is not in the list

thank you @d-pend

I am very sad, I have registered yesterday, but my name is not listed in the participant who follow.
I signed up but was not on the list and could not enter the contest.

This update is very much welcomed and accepted.
I like the improvements, makes everything more beautiful and mature.
Thanks to the person who instituted this idea....

thank you @d-pend who have accepted me participate in the calent and greetings know all participants from me @wiralhokseumawe
let's work and share each other


What a great initiative friend @d-pend, I would like to propose you the possibility of expanding this contest for the Spanish-speaking members, since to participate in English, the translation of our poems would surely affect the metric syllables, rhymes and other characteristics that can make a poetry beautiful.

In case of accepting, I volunteer to help you review the poems in Spanish through a team that I have formed called Gallegos in honor of the most outstanding Venezuelan writer of our history "Romulo Gallegos" and in such a way, serve to help the large community of Spanish speakers that is growing on this platform.

I await the answer to my proposal, a hug!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Oh wow @jamsbacon I'm super interested. I'm just now waking up so sorry for the delayed response. I think it's an amazing idea, could you message me on Discord? (@d-pend#5693) Puedo hablar y entender Español, pues, no soy fluente pero leo un de mis poetas favoritas Octavio Paz en Español y Ingles tambien. En este caso la escritura es fantástica en ambas linguas porque él estuve trabajando con Eliot Weinberger, un poeta inglesa, a traducirla.

They lose a bit of their flair, perhaps, but wonderful translations can be made if an English poet and a Spanish poet work together to do so. In fact, I wish to meet such a person to translate my poems to Spanish, eventually. Anyway, thanks for reaching out! Please contact me in Discord ASAP!

Ready friend, I've already written you for the discord in my Spanish language, I'll wait for you there! Greetings. :)

I really love this... Please how do I join ??

Dear d-pend 've post a poetry contest steemitschool 5 hours ago. Did my post
already entered the race or should I send back.

very nice bro

Oooooops! You missed my name in the above list. Yesterday i joined the steemitschool on discord but i could not find my name in the above list.

Much Obliged <3

Hey Dear Daniel! correction is needed you added @salmanbukhari instead of @salmanbukhari54
Please edit it :)

Hi @d-pend , nice idea and great adjustments
I would like to enroll for this contest as well participate in the steemit school.

Great to see my name there! I'm ready to go. All the best to everyone participating!!

Thanks @d-pend

Thanks dear sharing for steemitschool poetry and resteemit done dear

Hi , am interested in the school and contest

Thanks for adding my name to the list. I sure hope you get help from people to read and judge all the entries, on a daily basis

I want to participate in the 100-day poetry challenge.
can i register it?
I really want to follow him, today I just know this challenge ..

can i still register it?
thank you

@theoferri yes you can still join. Can you share what your poetry experience is? (How long you have been writing or if you are beginning now) Join our Steemit school discord here: https://discord.gg/hyfYQ9P

I just saw a message from you, I want to study here I am not a great writer, but I really want to join ..
I do not know how the list, let alone the internet network menperlambat my work in steemit.
please add me, i really want to join

where earth touched the stars
I finally have seen miracle here

Thanks, for update, Daniel (and reducing number of accompanying pics to 2).

I look forward to submitting within next few hours or so & wish everyone best of luck on this Big Adventure!

Good luck to you, too, finding some help to navigate it all✌🏼

@d-pend this is awesome. Though i'm not a poetry person, i have friends, so i'm just going to refer them to participate. Kudos..

Seriously .... Much more ready for this contest thanks @d-pend for the outstanding motivation .......

what an awesome workshop you're running :)

thank you... I will do my best :-)

You didn't add my name to the list

Added, my apologies! @sirsticks

I will love to participate in the 100 days poetry challenge, have been a poet since the day I joined steemit. You easily see my blog. I hope I can be granted entry

I expect this to grow big time. It is a blessing to so many. It's the energy you are putting into it. I hope you guys all stay healthy. All I can give is good wishes and participation right now. I will give more very soon.

Hi @d-pend, i replied to the first announcement and intend to join the challenge... copying the comment here for easy reference :)

Hello @d-pend, I just read your post and I am UP for the Steemit School Poetry 100 Day Challenge! I hope I am not too late,,, and if I understood it correctly... the start of challenge is today 07 Mar at 06PM GMT...

does it mean that I can start posting after 06PM GMT for 1st entry
I have to keep my entry posted before 06PM GMT today?

sorry... got confused on that! :)

I love poetry and it started during my secondary years... I had a one full diary of poetry but sadly when I went abroad I missed it... as time went by, I had no time doing what I love... thinking Im already old for that... but here on steemit, I already wrote quite few and still that giggling feeling is there whenever I finish one!!

So I want to join this 100 days challenge, just to prove to myself that it's not about age... but the passion and love you have with your art... :)

And Yes I agree,,, a consistent posting will definitely keep you on track... a daily post is indeed hard and I want to challenge myself to for that... Plus the imporvement it will bring as I go through the challenge! :)

thank you for this... I know this is a *ell of a job... but will support through reading and commenting on others art... and maybe.... hopeful here... before the 100th day finished... I will be able to share 10SBD from whatever I will get in this 100 days :)

cheers and see you around!
will join discord after my work... :) 3PM GMT perhaps...

Resteemed and Follow too... Ajah!

ohh... please ignore my question about the start of the challenge as it's already answered here... thank you!

D-pend, I know this is not easy for you, but I already my registration and my name was not there. Please do something about it

Added @adebayopaul! Thank you!

Amazing work brother.... if I can help in any way then I'd be happy too. I have connected and sent a message on discord so you can find me there if you need :)

I like the new changes and seeing it myself knew this certainly wasn't a one man job! When you figure out how people can actually help better, be in touch if you need :)

Looking forward to getting started later tonight!! Woop Woop :D

With love
Hart Floe Poet

thank you @ d-pend who has held 100 days poetry contest, I will enter this contest from today to 100 days ahead

Hey quick question @d-pend - I have read the whole post thoroughly, and the original too, but I am unclear - will there be a set 'challenge' every day - like a prompt to write about... or has Day 1 now already started, and it's totally open the only constraint being the 14 line minimum limit - Because I see a lot of people posting poems already for today but I thought I was awaiting another post with a challenge for the day...

If you or anyone who reads this can give me some clarity that'd be so much appreciated. If there is no challenge to wait for I shall get on with it!

Also how can I get permission to post in the '100 days of poetry' channel on the Steemitschool discord?

With love
Hart Floe Poet

Hey @hartfloe, there is total freedom of choice, no writing prompt. There will be themes in the classes but that is just for study and consideration :-)

Thanks for reminding me to add each person to the permissions on that channel, right now it is set to admin.

Okay cool... so I can get writing today whenever I want and submit it any time after 6pm GMT... perfect! This is gonna be fuuuuun :)

I'm now in the channel so thanks for adding me... look forward to chatting... hopefully performing there and maybe even guest lecturing or coaching or something! Here to help if you need bro!

With Love
Hart Floe Poet

Awesome peotry contest I'm interested in being a part of it.
I'll consider myself a minnow in poetry because I only started writting officially when i joined steemit.

I'm interested in the contest but if I didn't meet up with time then I will volunteer to assist myself

Really awesome actually there are sooo many participants challenges are the best way that steemit can go higher

Really enjoying the workshop! I think I might my write my first poem about Steemit School! :)

Yeah, my name is on the list! I'm so nervous for tommorow at beginning.

I seriously do not know how you are going to survive the next 100 days reading 100 + poems a day. You need a team at least 3 more people to bring everything down to a manageable level. Split the full list of participants in equal portions then rotate the portions daily do you get to know everyone's writing. the judges should pick 3 poems(one from each skill group) a day they like best and share them with the other judges form that pool make your vote for the day. every judge should make make a list of exceptional pieces for the larger pools later on, My day one poem is up BTW. YOur life is about to get all shades of crazy I am not sure you realize how much LOL ...

I will join the 100 day poetry challenge. I have never written any poetry before. But aside poetry, writing everyday is a bigger challenge for me. But I'll try to make it anyway.

Is joining Discord mandatory? I don't have a Discord account. Can't this contest be limited to Steem platform only?

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Daniel, so sorry, you probably missed my comment where I have changed my decision..
I hope for your understanding and hope you'will not be angry and offended, but it's still not my way-(

here I explain why I can't participate

if I can help the SteemitSchool or the Contest somehow I'll be great to do it, I'll participate but not like a poet, ok?)

Thank you, @taliakerch, of course I understand ))
I appreciate all your commendable efforts!!

Can I join now?

I would love to join! Hopefully, I'm not to late.

Just seeing this, So Do i start at day 2? Or do i owe 2 poems?

Hi d-pend;
Not seeing my name listed. I'm still trying to figure out how steemit works so perhaps I did something wrong in posting. I also joined discord (another mystery to me and trying to figure out). Also, a little confused on timing of posts and when they need to be in. I am EST time. https://steemit.com/steemitschool/@youhavewings/life-of-a-poet

Also....I have no idea what category I belong in. But I am not educated in various types of poetry nor proper format...I just write what comes to me and find a rhythm to it that flows :)

Somehow I just noticed this! Starting late means days off the top are shaved. The pressure of it all. ha.
For some reason the discord channel is not working for me, it opens in a separate, new account, and wants me to sigh-up. Any thoughts?

Hey! Sent you a direct message in Discord. Hopefully should work :-)

The changes seem to be for a better outcome. This challenge is demanding, so it is good to know you are the kind of organizer who listens to good advice. Keep wise. Thanks, @d-pend.
Good luck to you all!

Woah, the day is finally here. I have had to wait so long, let me get to writing the first poem. It feels like first day at high school, and an entirely new subject.

Thanks again for this initiative.