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Investors easily make money, big whales swim with big investments. Small fish think they can not achieve great goals, the problem is in us and our beliefs. We determine our own position, where we want to be. If we talk about Steemit then we have to understand that Steemit is 90% business and 10% social networking. It is normal for investors to vote for their posts and dear friends, family. If you get paid, I'm sure you do not share it with people you do not know, you spend it on your desires. We do not need to be mad at whales, they raise our value, Steemit is made in such a way that big whales depend on small fish in the same ecosystem. 30 days ago my upvote was worth over 20 SBD, now it's worth less than 10 SBD. The point is that many new users are coming out who do not do any activity. I'm not angry at new users, I just see that the problem is that new users do not know how to make money on Steemit, how it works properly, etc. Education is the right solution for raising the value of Steemit and Steem, which corresponds to all whales and to all small fish.

Education is not just a technical part of things, if people know how to use Steemit, it's really great, but if they do not know how to change their way of thinking, then the whole life will remain small fish regardless of technical skills. I see a great number of beautiful postings, I see a great number of education posts, but I do not see a great number of essential posts and ways of thinking among them. If we consider Steemit a business, then we need to learn business rules, because only this way can bring me to the top. Communication is the most important skill for success in business and life, our job at Steemit is to make sincere friendships. Communication is established through comments, we must draw the attention of good bloggers with excellent comments. Do not be the same as others, quote a few sentences and then write this is incredible. Try to hit the center of the heart of bloggers, this is achieved if you consider why this post was written. Do not criticize, do not correct, just be honest with others.

How to make a good post, this is what we believe will bring us a great reputation. The title should trigger emotions in people, write about what you love most, you are a blogger and create your own style and brand. Connect with people whose posts you like to read, establish good communication and write only excellent posts. When you finish the post, read it again, look at other successful users how to do it, find your inspiration and write a bestseller. Posts should be from 750 to 1250 words, which in my experience is the best model for success on the Steemit platform. Of course, if you write a piece of work that it needs to contain all the necessary details, these are other topics that must be precise with all the information. If you belong to this type of blogger then it's okay. These are just a few small things that can help you make faster progress and more profit on Steemit. Be smiling and positive, people like to feel the positive vibrations that you spread with your posts, comments and honest communication.

This can help you

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Only those who give can expect to get a lot. People who see your quality posts, sincere intentions in your work, they will help you climb to the top. Our position is to create a better and more creative world, I give my maximum to help everyone to achieve their maximum potential. That's why I opened the school to help all new users get involved and educate them in the right way. We have lessons each day, our lecturers are successful bloggers, we give support to all who want to learn how to become successful. Now we have a 100 SBD competition, we are socializing and progressing together.

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We Win Together @dobartim


And business is 100% social networking. You can't do business without the network with all the money in the world. And you are right, we should be thanking investors instead being mad because: Even though you would make 100 SBD per post if the investors were not buying steem it's price would be 5cents maybe? So that would total in ~5USD earnings. Now whales vote for themselves but they are investing and raising steem price. And if you earn 2SBD on your post with a prise 4usd per steem that is already more than 100SBD at 5 cents. Its' a math for dummies so that you understand, if not for whales who vote for themselves you would be earning much less. Period. Now let me vote for my own comment because i have earned all my steem by posting and socializing with steemians :) You can be mad but i am also giving back to the community too.

Without people and education we lose our voting power, we have a lot of new user without knowledge. Without poeple we dont have potencial for growing. Do your best and go ahead

With the next fork and effortless onboarding, BeScouted will bring millions of creatives to the STEEM platform. Mark my words..

This is spirit

And this is what HUGE freelance community for visual arts desperately needs for decades already, just business models prior to BlockChain were not accustomed to the solutions that are and will be possible now.

Oh yes, i was mad but not anymore. I am getting to know more about steemit from you guys and am really very greatful to yall. Hope to get more guid linnes from you as time goes on boss. Thanks

The learning curve is quite steep, but once you get the knowledge as @dobartim has said, it all starts to make sense.

I have met people on Steemit with very large heart and you just happen to be one of them.

If we consider Steemit a business, then we need to learn business rules.

Many people do not want to learn the basics, people want quick cash.
They want to acquire but very few are willing to give back.

I'm glad you have decided to give back to the community even as you acquire.

I see Steemit as a Business and as you rightly said, success in business comes from effective communication.

I hope and desire to grow and I will keep putting your words into practice.

This is the right way of commenting

Thanks to your teaching Sir

I've learned and I'm putting it to practice.

I get your point sir @dobartim, most new users of steemit just believe they can post anything and earn, they don't take or see steemit as a business place, I know most whales on steemit invested a lot so they don't just go around dashing upvote, you have to earn it by quality post. Communication you said is another major way of making it on steemit, give quality comments and not things like "nice post " and other things like that. You give a comment and let the author know you actually read his or her piece. And lastly I will say be consistent and don't give up. Am sure the steemit school have helped a lot of people and will still help. Keep the good work going sir @dobartim

This is it, Steemit schoom make results

Your style of writing is awesome sir @dobartim and your manner of presentation is simply for all to admire. Indeed, how much progress we can make on Steemit depends on our outlook. Do we look at Steemit as a get-rich-quick scheme? That is wrong. Is steemit another version of facebook where people do a lot of copy and paste? Wrong again. Is steemit a place where you excel by adding unique value, by establishing great relationships, and building honest connections around people who are ready to work hard and work together? Yes! This is correct.
As a blogger, i understand that succeeding in any platform like this requires uniqueness, consistency, ability to learn and a good dosage of patience. Many people, especially newbies on Steemit, believe in 'business as usual'. To actual succeed, we need to do 'business unusual'.
Those who make it do not go with the crowd. They go out of their way to try things that no one did before. They are willing to take risks and learn from mistakes. This makes them stand out from the crowd and play ahead of competition.
It does not matter when you came on board. What matters is your input, your methods, your outlook, and your willpower.

Keep going with excellent comments

Thanks sir. You are a source of motivation

Thanks for posting. Hope all is well.

Small fish is not easy to be Pope. I'm a small fish, I started slowly. my reputation began to increase. hopefully my future becomes a great whale in order to make small fish into whales as well.

You are an
small whale

Its quite informative, learned something how fishes like me can become whales, well having a good chit chat in the comment box and writing blogs above 750 words can make fishes like me successful, thanks for sharing such information.

You are welcome

Completely my pleasure

You really have a good heart and in this post I have learnt my mistake

A good post should be from 750-1250words I remember when I used to do that I get quality upvotes but since I fell to less than 300 words I wondered what went wrong but now I know

Only those close to you can understand how great and nice you are I remember speaking to you about steemteensand it shows you support great ideas and your a whale ready to make fishes grow

You don't get to see people that dash out 100 sbd just for inviting people to come and learn there's a slang in nigeria now that says I want to be like you when I grow up I really want to be like you @dobartim I will support you in every way possible

I know that

It's really interact with people you need to connect with them by really reading through their posts and sharing your honest idea and understanding of the message they're trying to pass. This way, you even engage them, giving them a feeling of interest.
I completely agree with you on the fact that folks coming on steemit really need the right education before or as they are getting on. I believe you're doing that with steemit school. Thank you.

You are welcome

Those images were really cool haha I screen shotted them for later reference.

Though I’ve taken a short break due to life “stuff”. I’ve spent a good portion of time building my rep and making quality posts (that took hours). I feel like I’ve yet to really excel here. I had one post that made $240.00 but it was kind of an outlier among the rest.

I also struggle with tags...the most popular tags have tons and tons of articles above my own- and the less popular categories have no one searching them..

I’m digressing a bit but I’m feeling like I need to step it up in some way- just not sure what that way is.

Your own way, we waiting for you in our steemit school on dicord channel

Hola tienes razón en lo que dices debemos pensar en grande,, llegaremos a ser ballenas. Hace poco empece en este mundo de steemit es un poco a brumador pero espero que poco a poco consiga lo que busco. De todo se aprende hoy aprendí que mi post debe tener entre 750-1250 palabras... jajaj que bien ... Gracias por tu información. Me puedes dar el link para tu canal de Discord.. Gracias

Welcome to steemit and to our discor channel

El link no funciona dice que es invalido o expiro, puedes revisar? Gracias

First of all, Steemit is not that user friendly . I've spent most of my time YouTubing videos to learn as much as I can to even get around the platform. And I've been on steemit for about a month now. Still trying to attract some kind of interest from anyone really. Education and awareness is the answer to success here on Steemit. We certainly don't want new user's ( like myself ) to get frustrated and leave the platform. I recently found out about discord from a post and I popped in, and it looks more confusing then Steemit. lol I am slowly learning via video's and posts how to get around in that new platform. lol We are all a work in progress, and I'm taking this one day at a time. I am thankful for people like you @dobartim for posting great and useful info... it's very lonely down at the bottom .. but, I do see the great potential here. So, i keep swimming upstream.. hoping to make it.

Beleive in yourself, see you on the top and welcome to our steemit school discord channel

Thank your for your vote of confidence . I am working my way up there. and I will check out your link.

For me the most important thought in your post - Steemit is business. It's boring to understand and accept. Gone is resentment over the fact, that your post no vote. I saw people who united in teams, write good posts and support each other. And this strategy has the right to exist. I think, the main thing for each of us is the belief in ourselves, the belief that someday we will succeed. But we will achieve not just like that, but by daily work.

I see on the top

If you think small you become small. People tend to limit their minds and wonder later why they didn't make it.


I read once about one quote that said: Don't be afraid to set your expectations too high, be afraid if you set them too low.

Meaning, if you reach your low expectations then what? You will be satisfied with that and there's a small chance you'll ever go beyond that point. But, if you set your expectations high, you will work your way up no matter what, until you reach it... And when you get there, you will earn your right to be satisfied!

People laugh at me when I set my expectations high, they think I'm small for this or that, or maybe my mind is not prepared for that. But what if I listened to those people instead of my heart? What will I become? Just another brick in the wall? NO WAY, it's not my style!

True way is your way, DON'T ever forget that fellow Steemians. Be courageous, but don't forget to have clear honest intentions at heart!

Knowledge is the key and @dobartim is a true sharer! Thanks for making me think out of the box!

Wonderful word to all especially steemians of my category, we still need to learn a lot so that we can be able to grow. Many mistakes many of us have made, trying to do things our way which in other way wouldn't help our development. Here i want to take this challenge as i always have learned from your blog, to dedicate more effort and bringing quality stuffs that would be nice and to add value to the community. Thank you as always.

Excellent comment

Well, i must say i´m really happy that i found this post now, after 2 weeks at steemit. One of the best post i read here until know btw.

This morning i read a post of @flysky, who invited me to the discord channel, from where i landed here at this post. Congratulations, this is really business, a round thing. Also, the last 2 weeks i had to learn a lot here, thow the first days have been the hardest ones. But there is, like you say, everyday something new to learnat @steemit, and thanks god it is like that. (trains the brain)

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In my few days of following you, i am learning so much from you. I never knew that steemit should be taken as a business entity. Now I should be more proactive with my participation on steemit.

Steemit is 90% business and 10% social. Really interesting.

Now, I've decided to approach steemit differently, and hopefully I'll get the results I desire.

Thank you @dobartim.

You are welcome

You’re right! Sometimes, i have this thinking that I won’t succeed in steemit because I’m not good in writing. And partly, I don’t know most of the tricks or ways how to make my post appealing to others. There was a time that I said to myself “I’m gonna stop posting in steemit coz no one will still upvote.” But I realize that I need to educate myself on the system i am in which is Steemit to gain the attention of the whales and will strive to make it a good and quality post. I have to be motivated in order to succeed and get what I want. Thanks for reminding me @dobartim..

You are welcome

It was the great post,which helping new and all kind of member on steemit,actually few person show out clearly how to write articale or how success in steemit,i think you are one of them.lot of thanks for sharing your so exclusive idea,take pryer for me.

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I am still a small fish, give me motivation and help me become a big fish

Be part in our discord channel Steemit School

It is useful.. thank you :)

@dobartim awesome thanks for sharing your knowledge.good work God give you more success

During my 30th day, I was ready to ditch Steemit due to low earning in spite of my quality content but good thing i was surrounded by positive people and continue to motivate me more and told me just keep going. It will paid off eventually. Few days after that, I got a @curie vote, I had a renewed vigor that time. Im still earning low still but the idea of quitting is no longer there.

Welcome to our steemit school

Because Steemit mostly like Business. So, people will upvote it's something helpfully. I think Your post very helpfully to determine own goal for small fish. That's why i give you upvote..! Thought i just have Tiny upvote.. ;-)

Think like whales

I think i would like to try.. thank you! Steemit is Business and business need something valuable.. in the frame of whales. Is that right? :-)

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Been wondering how you are able to create a fine poetry in a short period of time. Now I know, you have such a big heart and a lot of wisdom about life... Sir @dobartim thank you for this guidelines... Continue your great deed... GOD BLESS YOU MORE...

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That's a great article. Thank you.

ein wirklich guter Artikel

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i am resteem your post please upvote me

i am resteem your post please upvote me

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Thanks for tasting the eden!

thanx for the valuable article sir . really it is useful for newbies a lot. what you said is 100% right. you earned an follower and I feel glad to be a part of your discord channel.

Welcome , We waiting for you

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Yes I LOVE this post. Thank you!

Thank you sir, this is really very helpful, I will try to make a good Blogger for its future, because I am still very new in the steemit, thanks again for your advice sir

Welcome to our Steemit School on discord channel

The bigger your school of fish becomes the smaller the ocean seems and the more whales that might spot you.

Believe in yourself

Man.. you grabbed my heart. I am so very grateful for finding your wise and luminous presence. Thank you for my Heart.

Amazing!!! steemitschool has the best promising and honest future! Keep winning guys

We win together

Hello friend, I'm new to the platform. Eager to learn, that's why I follow them. It's a bit difficult because of the language. I furrow the seas of language to be in its heyday. I follow him and his teaching work seems invaluable to me. I want to learn with you Thanks in advance.

Welcome to our Steemit School discord channel

I need this one. Thank you so much.

Honestly, I'm very grateful to you, This is an experience that I have not got, because this I'm like a small fish who does not understand what it is eSteem but I must try to learn it, no words to surrender. Thank you very much for your experience. Success is always for you

We waiting for you in our Steemit school on discord channel

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I give exact problem of me,i really encourage by your words,thanks for sharing

You are welcome to our discord channel

Great post, thank you for sharing your knowledge @dobartim, very inspiring. Nice to know you

Thank you very much

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articles that are very interesting,
a lot of science that we can get it in the article that you created,
hopefully his future better,
continued success

I see your community growing. this is a remarkable achievement. how you move and open the network to continue to support the minnow. I'm happy to follow you.

Good job @dobartim

Educational post sir, love to read it.. Many user do not know more about platform, and I very agree that steemit school the solution to learn more for earn more on the platform.. Re-steemed

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I've said this before regarding the Steemit platform: too many people come here with their short term head's on hoping to make a quick buck. Then when it doesn't happen for them they become disillusioned and drop Steemit, grumbling about it in the process. It's the wrong attitude. I'm long term on Steemit hence I'm powering up every last cent. Other people should do the same.

Today I just woke up and upon opening my steemit account, I've read this post. There are lot of things that I should be thankful for and part of it is knowing steemit and meeting @dobartim here. Thank you so much for organizing Steemit School. It is very beneficial to all of us minnows. Before, I have seen a lot of post, just a memes or a quotes and somehow I wanted to do the same just for the sake of creating new post for the day. But reading here and being in your discord channel, it taught me more than that. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sooner I'll write a post about steemit school. Once again, thank you so much.

thankyou for welcoming, and who follow me and upvote i do desame.
new here

i found this very educative and interesting , i have always been wondering how to be successful on steemit but with this post i think i will change few thing about my post and take it more serious , to add to what you posted , we should learn to get familiar with our comment and not just comment for the sake of the benefit attached ......thanks once again for your post,i find it very helpful

Awesome motivation.... just what I needed today.

wow...this is right way...dobartim

I think you raise a very important point here. For the long term viability of Steemit, it's elementary that newbies joining the platform are eased into the platform through education, support and encouragement.

The way it works now is often very demotivating for new members and a lot of them, I believe, quit too early before being able to understand the value which can be realized by sticking around and fighting it out through the initial few weeks and months.

At the same time, newbies should also not think that this is a get rich quick scheme. Such things do not exist in real life and it will not happen here. In any case, it's easier to get going here than starting a blogging business outside, so they need to put in the effort and time to do the much required self-learning as well.

I have never felt the way i feel now after reading this post for the secind time now sir. Actually, i have made up my mind to read this post daily. I have coppied it to my email draft (hope am not tresspassing) so i can always have it and to read it when ever and how ever. You inspired a major spark up and turn around in my spirit. Thanks a billion times. I almost gave up because am at the point where it looked like i cant really cope with steemit. Every other person around me are making progress except me. Thats why am going to really take what you just tought me very seriously. I am taking it very personal. Let me now start. Thanks boss. You've just inspired a sleeping whale to wake up and become.

@dobartim since I joined steemit, apart from @mayowa-eu that introduced me, you are another figure that motivates me to keep going here. I am devoted to improving my contents, I spend long hours a day to write a good post. I belief soon you will still acknowledge my blog and give it a good vote sir.

May you continue to have the strength and will to empower new steemians sir.

"Small fish think they can not achieve great goals, the problem is in us and our beliefs. We determine our own position, where we want to be."

I could not agree more with you. It is all about our belief system and our belief system is our own creation. When we take care of our current belief system and learn to create the one we want to have, everything will fall into place.

It takes another kind of education to create a belief system that we would love to have, rather than just wishing for it:

You have a new fan, I am just 2 months into steemit and trying every ethical avenue to increase my account value. I would like to join your school (discord link?) And I try to be like a lil dobartim, I try to help others earn (very small time) cannot wait to resteem your school posts to help other steemians, great stuff!

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