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Life has many challenges and we come to many obstacles that teach us about the Universal Laws of success. When I was starting my business career, I didn't believe in different Educators and their education. It seemed to me like pure philosophy. I had my own goals and I didn't want to be worker. I saw that Academic System of Education is wrong and I started wanted to become entrepreneur and for that a huge knowledge is needed. The experience thought me that the mistakes I do are my best teacher. I have also learned that only practical knowledge has a power and everything else has no power without realization in practice. That's why I decided to help to Steemit project in that way, that I will give my knowledge to the new ones.

We should not be selfish, so I called my friends like @d-pend who opened Poetry Class, @karenasuestudios that is doing Acroyoga, @meesterboom who has Unique Blogger Style,....@teamsteem as well, @flysky, @tatjanastan and many others...

= Rule No.1 - Define Your Life Goal,...
Define Your Life Goal,...People don't understand these words and think that are useless. One person naturally gravitates towards a certain goal. If I didn't set up, my life goal than there is no way, that I can reach success in life. We are machine consisted of spiritual, material, emotional, physical intelligence and energy. When we set up our Life Goal, all energies work together focused on reaching the goal. You are on Steemit to make money. Programm Yourself, how much You want to earn and what would You like to do with those money.

= Rule No.2 - Win Your Own Fears,...
I used to have a fear from audience and I prepared one day for a Huuge Promotion with 5 people. My Mentor promoted me and my heart started bumping so hard that I became red like paprika. Thank God, I escaped from the "scene crime" through the door. That was my very first promotion, from which I escaped eagerly.
From that moment, I learned to talk in front of 3-4 people and after one year, when we made a huge promotion with 100 people I gave a speech and was present all the Seminar.
Win Your Own Fear, because success is based on mistakes.

= Rule No.3 - Be excellent in Your Communication
85% of the Success depends on Excellent Communication. There are 4 Communication Styles: - Controller - Promoter - Supporter - Analyzer. We work in our Steemit School, how to discover the communication style, how to establish good relationship through comments and in that way to raise our level of success on Steemit. If You communicate with Controller with Supporter's style then You cannot understand each other and make good relationship with the other side. When we make our post, we should know the order in which we do the post. From that depends our success on Steemit because we are here to make money.
You should learn how to put right information, on right place in right time.

= Rule No.4 - Be persistent, dedicated
It is difficult to see a real result in the beginning for all you start, that's why is important that we are dedicated until we reach the real result. In order for us to succeed, we need to do what we like. I like to teach people, to educate them, to write books and post on Success topic. When we we teach new users how to make money, we are truly happy to see them, when they make money.
That's why when You connect real knowledge and practical knowledge with dedication to make Your own set up goals, then You create harmonic energy that brings You much faster to the result.

= Rule No.5 - Love, Do Everything from Love point
It is very difficult for me to work something that I don't feel it, deep in my heart, for example when I have to wash the dishes although I don't like. But I'm highly motivated because I don't want to be kicked off on my as from my wife. Love is main energy that moves the World and when You work something You love, that is not a job, business but pleasure.
Leaders do the things that don't like in the beginning in order to reach the things that like.
When we have fun working our job, then we will actually never have to work again. We will be having fun all the time.
So, Love makes the World goes round, Love makes the Business spread faster.

We Win Together @dobartim
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thanks for uplifting people @dobartim, i appreciate it , that 5 rules of yours takes time and a habit to do it, but many people get destructed to something else that's why they fail.

Life goal is so important, but unfortunately, people don't push hard. I know many people who have motivation and power in the beginning and they don't even start​ their projects... They are just speaking how much they can...

My main problem is that I have many ​professions​ and I do not know what to choose...

see you on of the best

Yes, persistence, love and dedication is important but for me the real question is what is Life goal and what would be life goal?

I believe with the time your priorties and life goals change so today you will have one goal and next year you might have different.

See you on the top

Hey this is really amazing! Thanks for sharing!

I want to add #6: dream big and take action!

ill add #7: everything takes time :)

Well done, creativity
I liked your words .. Thanks for the tips we just need a little will
Thanks for sharing

Yes, @dobartim It is great to have help like the one you show us in this post to be successful; it makes me think and challenges me to act. Thanks you.
I hope to read more from you, I am voting you.

Welcome to our Steemit School

@dobartim thanks you.

Thanks for the tips! I've always been so bad with money!

I think i have to work for rule no 2 specially. i have to win my own fear for my own good i don,t have guts to present some material in front of unknown people.
Rule no 4 is the main problem with me i hate to wait for something. but i,m learning how to be patient thanks for this amazing post my friend @dobartim

Thank you my friend

Dont have the guts? Never be afraid to share yourself. We are all unique and valued 💚

i learnt alot from this

I am glad to see this

Great post man. I fell the same way. @swt3df1

Really wonderful piece...

Reading through, I was one could be so persistent in helping others succeed like him, it's so rare.....then I got to the last part...Love.

Love matters most in everything we're doing. We need to do it from a standpoint of love to be able to do it willingly and with all our hearts.

That way, we'll give it our best shot.

About being fearful, I'm naturally a very fearful person when it comes to speaking in crowd, but I hope that, by being on Steemit and this school, I'll overcome my fears.

Thanks a lot for this piece Sir.

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Awesome comment, see you on the top

Excellent article, Resteemed!!

Some excellent rules in here and my favourite was.....

Rule No.2 - Win Your Own Fears

Wow!!! I'm so dazed. This got me thinking, 'why is the whole world not enrolled yet, what are they all waiting for?'
This is the place to be, this is home to the lost. I'm telling you.
It goes far above philosophy, this is 5 practical steps to achieve success. Guess what, there are more.
Surely, steemitschool is the place to be. Join us all

Thank you for support my friend.

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Well said @dobartim.
I also believe that once the goal has been set, then the fourth point which is dedication and persistence won't be a problem anymore.
If your goals are set, your priorities will be in order and you will learn to persevere and endure even when things don't seem to be working out well.
When things get hard, your goals will be your driving force and your motivation

This is excellent comment, chanhe my username in @dobartim

you made very good points @dobartim,.. you got to do what you love and Love what you do, There are so many things in life and they are all here for everyone! For me, I love music, numbers, forex, and people with humor, I just started steemit a month ago. still learning... hope I will add steemit to my love lists soon

This is awesome

You’re a role model, a leader and s great teacher.

• You’ve defined life goals and all your energies are working together
• Yove conquered your own fear and become a great promoter, one of the best I can say
• You’re an excellent communicator, a good analyzer, a wonderful promoter, a great supporter of your students and Steemitschool as an organization and you’re a confident controller
• You were dedicated to hard work and was persistent even when you make so little selling newspapers, but your hard work had prevailed
• And you’ve shown us love , massive love to learn life success for free, I mean absolutely free. What greater love can we see in our world today

You’re my role model and I’m serious when I say that.

Join Steemitschool discord channel and be part of the first students of @dobartim Dr Great Success

Thank you very much for this lesson.

You’re welcome my friend

I agree! Life indeed has made challenges and obstacles so we always must ready to whatever may come. These points of your are good and I think it's really important to define ones goal for without it, time will just be wasted.

This is excellent comment, keep going ....

I am @abdt Abdul basit I like your post but some issues...
. i have to win my own fear for my own good i don,t have guts to present some material in front of unknown people.your best post is very best.
Rule no 4 is the main problem with me i hate to wait for something. Because I want fastest work on my steemit...
But very thankful for this post!!!
Your friend @abdt

Making success in steemit need some approach as @dobartim mention it here leave off your fear and u will see greatness in you love everything you do and u will see success in everything you do communication mood must be good here to make success on steemit platform

We win together

hey, i'm new here @ steemit and i always have being wondering when someone will come up with a post that would educate new members on how to become great steemers of this humble society. i think this post has taken a huge step in doing that. please keep it up and help we the young steemit members become great steemers. thank you.

Welcome to Steemit

I think persistence is the key. I am not a total newcomer, but I am only about three months on the platform. There have been many days I have thought it would be best just to quit. I usually give myself a couple hours or even a day to talk myself down. Things usually look brighter in the morning and I go back to posting my content. I still haven't seen great returns, but I am going to stick with it!

Be part of our Steemit School

I am on the discord server but my ISP has a firewall/content filter that keeps me from hearing or talking in the voice chat channel. I can read everything though. Thanks!

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Great one here and greatly analysed views for every individual that knows really for sure that life on it own is based on goal really but it might be a long term goal or a short term goal ...... But the most paramount of it all is to keep on moving with an accurate and very defined goals ....... I am solidly backing your post up by saying really nothing again is achievable without love so love according to this insight of today remains the supreme .......... Has it is found in here today. I am equally blessed today why because I now find it easier to read through every post from Dr success ............ Why because they are words of wisdom.

Keep going with excellent comments.

After all you said, even though i already listened in class when you taught about this, i am glad to be reading it again as these rules are sub conciously being deposited at the base of my heart, thank you for sharing these success rules with us. You share your knowledge on a daily basis, This is real love you are spreading. We win together

We win together

We win together :)

Wow,,,I get two keywords here,

  • In order for us to be successful, we need to do what we love.
  • Leaders do things that are not liked at first to achieve the things that are liked.

Thanks a lot @dobartim I got excited :)

Thank you , we waiting for you in our Steemit School online class

Hi @dobartim, I really like rule no. 4. Persistence and dedication are great keys to success. The orientation most of us had about steemit before we joined is not exactly as it is been experienced by minnows and newbies, that's why they get discouraged along the way. They think it's something they'd get the reward they're looking at once. But it's not so. I'm sure that even you who is a whale put in so much effort to get to where you are today.

Since I came to discover that steemit is not a quick-rich scheme, I made up mind to enjoy the beauty and fun of learning with others and growing myself and network. And I sure know that tomorrow's success will justify today's hard work.

Keep going, see you on the top

excellent @dobartim, knowledge is everywhere, the important thing is to open the minds of children and those who want to learn.

From beggining, this is right direction of thinking

I would especially highlight number 5; if you don't love what you are doing, it tends to "colour" every other aspect of your life. I have met more than a few "successful" people who were constantly tense and angry and even though they had the appearance of success with their big mansions and fancy cars, how successful were they really, with their anger, intensity and high blood pressure?

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Of course, love is a main power in the unniverse

Very true words @dobartim. When we set our life goals, it is important as it is imperative to set short term goals all geared towards the achievement of the life goal initially set. This releases the massive weight of the life goal as the short term goals don't seem as impossible to achieve.

With our human relation and interaction, we should develop a win-win attitude. As you help others win, you win also. There's a joy in giving as you, @dobartim, said in one of our previous classes in Steemit School on Discord. And you can't do this without love.

We Win Together

We win together

I am new to Steemit ;) Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful acknowledged, I really appreciate It, lovely and peaceful day! :)

Thanks for bringing forth this post, I think I fall in rule number 2

win your own fears

I need to work on it, and build my confidence.

Welcome to our Steemit School

Thanks @dobartim you are doing a great job. Keep on the good work. I'm one of your students @steemitschool

Interesting 5 points. Might I add that there's one factor that we can't influence and its the luck factor. One has to work hard towards his goals and pray that the stars align for him

Make your own goals and strategy

I really liked this. I believe that the only thing more important than setting a goal is to be relentless and unstoppable in the pursuit of that goal. Great Job!

Thaknyou for your kind annswer

@dorbatim, you made a very strong and practical points there, I really learn alot from it.

passion is also a very strong criteria for success because without passion, no success can be recorded in any pursuit.

We win together, see you on the top

@dorbatim you are endowed with wisdom, thanks for you words. I've learnt that the major solution to fear is to face it. Do what you are afraid of doing and be focus! Thanks for sharing those motivational words with us.

You are welcome

Rule no 3 is where I have much problem and by reading this post, conquering the fear will go a long way in determining one's success. Thank you sir for sharing.

See you on the top

Thank you sir

Thanks so much for this post you instilled something great in me.

awesome post.
this is great indeed, reading it makes me thinks that anybody can make their dreams come true if he/she works hard for them.
Keep it up

Thank you mate

Brilliant work @dobartim. I appreciate it👍
Resteemed and Upvoted

Welcome to our Steemit School

So cool :) What I have been wanting to read. I have written some posts about life goals. They are mostly desperate ones not like yours hihi.
Thanks :)

I believe that life goal is really important. But for me, i really can’t think of what I want to be in the future. Maybe because I’m still young and I will figure it out soon but what I have learned is that if you don’t have a life goal, you will not be motivated and inspired to do your work.

In winning your own fears, it takes time but at least we will all get the hang of it sometime soon.

What I really loved from your post is the rule#5 because I believe that if you are not doing what you love, then you will not be able to focus well on what you are doing and you will always find a way to get out off whatever you are doing.

Yeah you have very simplify your topic I like your post nice post and heart toching post

Great post @dobartim !
Love and Beauty makes the world better.

Welcome to STEEMIT

Thanks ! :)

Very informative.


Wow you've got percentage superb post my friend , i am newcomer @ steemit and that i continually have being wondering while a person will provide you with a submit that would educate new members on how to turn out to be high-quality steemers of this humble society. I suppose this post has taken a large step in doing that. You have got completed properly task hold it up and linked stay with us become exceptional steemers.

The 5 rules you just listed encompasses all one would ever need to succeed. Indeed where there is a will, there is a way.

Thank you for always motivating me. Your inspiration is one of the reasons am still steeming.

I dont see you on my online Steemit School class

Yes Sir, I joined the discord link but was writing my semester examinations so I wasn't active.

I am through with it now. Will follow up on what I have missed.

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Welcome to Steemit

Fantastic post! Thank you!!


Love, Do Everything from Love point

Maybe this is the biggest lesson of all.

Everything that is done from the point of view of love, is well done.

If all these characteristics are available in me , I would seriously consider controlling the nation !

Another great post my friend! Keep it up you are inspiring to us all! I've been growing fast because of you! Much Gratitude.

Wow likes your post .. happy reading it .. really amazing ... thanks for sharing on a good day.
I like to read every post you .. I also learn a lot about steemit from every post you. Whether it's writing or photos. Thank you steemians ..
It's an honor for me if you visit my blog..

Be part of our Steemit School

Brilliant Post. I think fear is the biggest challenge which holds us all back. We are can do anything but then we think of 10 reasons why it won't work and the cycle continues. We must do it anyway and it gets better and we realize there was nothing to fear.

This is inspiring! Thanks for sharing! !

Greetings @ Cordobartim, after reading such an excellent post, which I thought was very good, allow me to stay with two sentences of your work, which I will fix in my mind as of this moment: 1) I should learn to put the correct information, in the right place at the right time.

  1. Then, Love makes the World turn, Love makes the Business spread faster. In short, organize the information for its right place and time, with love.
    I would like to be part of this steemit school, I am at your entire disposal.

Thanks brother for these motivational words I will follow up all your publications

Welcome to Steemit

Well articulated.
Thanks for this beautiful story coach @dorbatim

Good read. Thanks for the extra motivation. I've just started trying to change things for the better in my life and so far have been getting good results. A simple change of a morning routine can do wonders.

Thank you very much for this post... It is precious.

Thanks mate

The worst teacher is indeed success. One can't expect to grow if all his/her life is just based or inclined on success. Mistakes is still the best teacher.

I smiled reading rule # 5. I so can relate. The things we really can do for love. I see rule no # 2 as the hardest. People are sometimes constrained and find it very difficult to get out of their bubble. Their bubble is their comfort zone and anything outside is considered a threat or discomfort.

Human nature is but inclined to having effort rewarded. It is a good thing that this platform is incentivized.

Thank you for sharing. These are indeed points to ponder.

Hello. I liked your post, keep it up. Good luck

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Wow this post is amazing! I learned a lot from it! Looking forward for your next post!

I have been self employed my whole adult life. It seems that the biggest thing in the way is simply getting started for most people. Keeping moving has always been fairly easy knowing there are mouths to feed...

Excellent Post! Thousands of blessings to share! and motivate us @dobartim

Very impress.

I love this post, wonderful.

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Thanks mate

Such a well-thought out piece of writing by you @dobartim
You are a great man. I will encourage my new recruits to join your Steemit school so that they can learn how to succeed. I called a friend last night and was introducing him to Steemit. Guess what? He joined Steemit October 2017 but dropped because he never knew how it works. But i picked him up and encouraged and motivated him. I did a lengthy chat with him to let him know how this thing works and the secrete of success on Steemit. I will link him and others up to join your school so that they are groomed to succeed. Thanks for your efforts.
As a Wordpress web designer, if i can be useful to you in any of your projects, i would be happy to help out.

plez wot me

That's a great and loving school!
Love, love, love.
That's what life is all about.
If we love, everything falls into joy.

You just made my heart grow more with LOVE!


Your post is very good and nice, Boss

See you on the top

[email protected]artim
it's a good science and inspired for me.

this will be my practice in the post steemit.

honestly, I'm a little lazy post because less know how to make good post and a little difficulty in reply to comments.

this will be my practice in the post steemit.

honestly, I'm a little lazy post because less know how to make good post and a little difficulty in reply to comments.

this is my post

if you could please correct and give input

Hmmm, i am really motivated. This article has revealed my flaws to me. Thankyou dobartim.

Woow luar biasa.. terimakasih motifasinya
Sangat bermanfaat berbeda sekali dengan teman2 indonesiaku, anda @dobartim lebih senang membantu dan memberi motifasi bagi kami yang masih level rendah, sedangkan teman2 indonesia dan khususnya aceh sangat pelit untuk berbagi ilmu, mereka takut akan ada saingan


Awesome writeup @dobartim, your article is so amazing, that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job @dobartim,learning from you everyday

There are 4 Communication Styles: - Controller - Promoter - Supporter - Analyzer.

Communication is very vital in achieving our goal in life. Without it we're like a man chasing a wind endlessly. Thanks @dobartim your thoughts are indeed practical and useful. I want to enroll in your steemitschool but I know experience is our teachers. Someday I will be like you :)

Love conquers all

،rule 6: feel proud in what u r doing...and do the thing in the best possible way it can be done

Of course

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

I've learned so much from this post. Especially rule no. 4. It is something that I need to apply. Thanks for sharing :)

Regarding your fourth point, frankly speaking that's my greatest tool to move forward on Steemit. I have come to realise that time and consistent hard work is the only thing that can take me forward.

Thanks for the share.

You are welcome

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Well, I think the most important thing is to keep doing the right thing. Do not give up.

Yes, I agree with what you have described here. His beliefs, perseverance, trust, love and dedication are the most important things that we must apply in our lives, namely to achieve the true purpose of life. Thanks for the enlightenment and of course Success is always for you my brother @dobartim.
Best Regard @airil280708.

Your idea is fully correct but we could not understand that things .Really i like it.

We are very grateful to all the Senior Steemitschool @dobartim who have given a motivation to steemiker here. We request permission to make steemitschool in our country if it is approved by all staff in steemitschool.
Thanks @dobartim

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Hi there, nice POST! upvote!!!


I am @abdt Abdul basit I like your post but some issues...
. i have to win my own fear for my own good i don,t have guts to present some material in front of unknown people.your best post is very best.
Rule no 4 is the main problem with me i hate to wait for something. Because I want fastest work on my steemit...
But very thankful for this post!!!
Your friend @abdt
Upvote me please

Excellent your publication, I agree with you, to achieve success you have to be persistent and love what you do, the great leaders did not start being successful at the first attempt, you have to work hard to achieve it.

I hope to continue reading interesting post !!

Welcome to Steemit

This is such a good read! Amazing post!

Hey there Tim, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and thanks for the howto post, this steemitschool focus, and the first tip is fundamental even for me or especially me. If we want more wealth, success, we should probably first stay on the path, a focus, a love, a dedication. People can't really find it without hitting rock bottom or something. You got to do some soul searching, some accountability, some honesty, transparency, to get to the inner child within to find that compass for our own edible oatmeal, hehe.

2017-01-16 TUE JOEY LARRY TREE.jpg

And CHOICES, life is about choices, from the moment we wake up in the morning til we get back to sleep. Choices in what to wear, what to talk, what to write or how to live. How we manage a down moment. Greetings Goran!

This is motivating. We all have fears that stop us from taking that bold step towards our dreams. Success is on the other side of that fear. We need to face it in order to make the right decisions towards our goals. So much to learn from this post. Resteeming!

Every post from you is worth reading