Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #62 !! :)

Good night depends on the place where you are in my country is 9 o'clock at night and it is almost time to go to bed but decided to go a few minutes later to present my entry to the sandwich contest in his week number 62 where @jaybird he is the king of the Sandwich.

This is an incredible contest that allows you to fly the imagination, you know I am a frequent contestant but in the last few weeks not so much because in my country is going through difficult times but here I bring my ticket for this week 62.
I have to check in yesterday but I did not have internet when I got home so I have to wait until today.


I made a sandwich and I called it special because it has many special things that are special in the mouth combined hahaha I love a sandwich or hamburger of this type are how we prepare them in my country.


Special Sandwich

Hamburger 'bread
Ground Meat (Cebollin, onion, paprika, chili, marinade, pepper, mustard, salt, egg and corn flour)
Sweet corn
Back Ham
Mozzarella cheese
Mayonnaise special (egg, salt, vinegar, garlic)











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Nice to see you're back @yesslife! And it's Good Morning now here in my country :)
Well done with your Sandwich:)


Thanks friend @lizelle how is everything? I have not been talking to you for some time


Hey @yesslife, keeping well, hope you are too!

Heyy, nice to see you back :)

Looks great, love the egg, meat and then 2nd meat :)

Glob of mayo is a nice touch too & all the spices!

Great job.


Heyy I'm back

I like that my egg-carrying sandwich makes it special and more if they have a special sauce

Very well, I like spices try to combine many to give good flavor to food

You write my friend

So glad you are back @yesslife! Looks like you are cooking up quite a sandwich here with layers of tasty goodness! Love the egg, black ham, cheese and burger, really yummy! Well done :)


So it's back with stumbling but here we are trying to give the best of me and doing what I like to cook and I like the sandwich with layers and many

Thank you very much for the support provided

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Happy to see you are back @yesslife. There are so many yummy elements, I can't decide what I like more...the egg, the corn, ham, or meat patty. They are all so good! What a terrific sandwich. Good luck!