Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #49 PancakeSandwich


Good evening friends of STEEMIT I hope everyone is having a good weekend today I'm going to show you my entry from seamana 49 to the sandwich contest that my friend takes @jaybird

Even with the adversities that my country presents I try to be every week in the contest it makes me good to cook and show what I do hoping you like it

This week was a bit creative for me to make my sandwich I hope you enjoy it



  • Pancakes without sugar
  • Paisa meat and cheese rolls
  • Paisa cheese
  • French fries

I started by preparing the pancake mix without adding sugar. Add egg, wheat flour and milk.



Clean some potatoes I removed the shell and made the cut to then fry.


For rolls of meat with paisa cheese first marinate the meat with salt, white pepper, marinade and garlic in pasta to then add some paisa cheese cloths I made the rolls take a while to the refrigerator after that I passed them through beaten egg and breadcrumbs and to fry







Now to arm =)










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Se ve es delicioso @yesslife, sencillo pero sabroso. Saludos

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Yeeessssss ;)

This is great. Love the sugarless pancakes/crapes!

What i appreciate most though is what u did with the meat rolls. The marinade, the cheese and then rolling it all up and cookin it. 🤘

Also love your distinctive affinity for french fries in your sandwiches😆.

Nice job preparing them, the homemade-ness of your work is excellent :)

It’s been great to have you all these weeks :)

Keep up the good work


Oh Yeah

This is how they are without sugar, do not add salt but add powdered milk so it gave a good taste to the mixture without a doubt

I love to put fried chips inside the sandwich or hamburgers since I'm a child I do it hahaha they give it a good flavor

Thank you very much, I love this the addition of the fries...always my favorite :) and with cheese YUM! Well done!


Fries and cheese does not fail hahaha thank you very much :)

The coating on the meat looks so crunchy and delicious. What a great idea to use pancake as a savory wrapper. Yummy!


If those meat rolls had a good taste I like it now I want to eat it always

Thank you very much friend

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Wow @yesslife, those meat rolls look amazing as do your pancakes, great job!


And I tell you my friend that if they were thank you very much for the support always

This sandwich looks so good! I really like the French fries in there.


I like french fries inside the sandwich
Thank you

Mmm mmmm good. I think I could get into a pancake sandwich. Sorry I'm so late, catching up here. Hope you did well in the contest.


No problem, it's never late

But you should try a sandwich with pancakes that if without sugar