Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #40 "French Toasts. Toasted by the Dragons of Game Of Thornes" Vegan & Sugar Free

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Hello, friends of Steemit. Today I wanted to share with you some incredible Vegan French Toasts.

This entry is for the Steemit Sandwich Contest # 40 of my friend @jaybird For some time I wanted to participate and today I have cooked these French Toasts that really were delicious!

The best part was that they were toasted by the dragons of Game Of Thornes. If you have not seen this series of HBO you should run to see it before it opens next season next year.

So, here we go... 🚀

French Toasts. Toasted by the Dragons of Game Of Thornes


Preparation TimeDifficulty LevelServings SizeTaste like the original
30 min1/54 Bread slices5/5



4 Slices of Vegan Bread
1 Banana
4 Strawberries
2 to 3 slices of Pineapple
1 cup of oat milk (do not substitute)
Your favorite jam without sugar
Syrup of agave



Mix the cinnamon vanilla with the oatmeal milk and let stand for 10 min. Then place the slices of bread with the mixture until it covers well. As seen in the images.

To make the mixture thick you can add 3 tablespoons of oatmeal gluten-free.

Place in a hot pan until brown on both sides.

Now comes the fun part of a sandwich.



Top Secret: I toasted the pineapple and the banana with little cinnamon, it is not necessary but in this way much better.

Now you only have to place jam without sugar (I used peach jam) Then place the chopped fruits. I did it in sequence, first pineapple, then banana and last strawberry and repeat.

Place cinnamon if you like it as much as I do

And now time to:

Enjoy It!.


My favorite part every time I do a Post is to take the pictures. I think it has become a passion to take pictures of food.



This Sandwich is a healthy option, the fruits fill it with many vitamins and energies for the rest of the day. In addition, cinnamon helps stabilize sugar levels in the blood, that's why I love it.

I hope you liked it as much as I did and that you do not stop seeing GOT if you are not a fan!




See you in a next post!

PS: That's all for today! Thanks for the support. You can leave your messages and with love, I will answer you! 💚
All photos were taken by me with a Nikon camera.


I love Game of thrones :) Best series ever :D. These sandwiches looks so yummy :)

Hahaha super entertaining. "toasted by the dragons of Game Of Thornes" and of course your little graph made me laugh :)

Welcome to SSC!

And excellent job on this vegan french toast creation! Looks really divine. Fresh fruit too!


Thanks, JB. @jaybird I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It really was delicious. I'm a fan of GOT. And you?

Definitely a Fan. the two year winter (waiting for the next season) is going to be hard to get through ;)

Totally friend! :)

That look yummy as always. Never though of french toast as vegan.

Thanks, friend! In my previous publication, I have placed the steemkitchen banner. I hope you like it too. :)

Oooh I love it, thank you very much , resteemit it as well xx

With a lot of love to help you! Thanks, friend!
By the way, I want to participate in the Grandma's recipe contest, but my grandmother did not cook, I guess I'll do one of my mom's.

Love the GOT reference. :) One of my tattoos is actually a baby dragon. Not for GOT, but in honor of my dad since he loves dragons (and has lots of dragons inked on his body, too). And that french toast--yum! I'm definitely trying that!

The tattoo on the leg? Maybe you should do a post about it and show them in more detail. Dragons are creatures of a lot of magic and strength, my boyfriend wants a dragon tattoo but he still does not choose. This recipe is very easy to make, but do not change the oat milk so that the mixture is very thick.

I may eventually do that post. It's actually the one on my ribs. That one is designed after one my mom has with the dragon thrown in for my dad. They will always be close to my heart. :) The one on my leg is my fruits and veggies owl. I think I put him in a post a while back. I got that one after a few years being vegan.

I haven't tried making vegan French toast yet! This looks great, thanks for the inspiration 😋

Hola, solo venimos a avisar que en este buen post estamos de fiesta porque...


Si tú eres de sus afortunados lectores, pero aún no sabes que es el EmeeseeseTraaaaail, puedes conocerlo entrando al siguiente link:

Ahhhhh, pensabamos que tenías unos dragones como tostadoras. Por cierto, game of thrones está muy buena ;)

Graciaaaasss por pasarel tren cada dia tiene mas pasajeros! Incluyendome! Son un excelente equipo de trabajo! Y si, GOT esta excelente!

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