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Contest - Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #4 - Chicken Crash Bacon Burger

Hoe-Lee crap,... I'm dieting down wanting to cut up for some pix and I stumble across your post of that sandwich. I'm soo close to breaking if I clicked the upvote that'd be it. Off to the kitchen I'd go. But, wow it looks really good and then there's those fries in your banner...

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Hahahah, I am so sorry to have such a bad influence on your diet :') I would not dare to tempt you!

What kind of diet are you on?

Keto, keeping (trying) my carbs zeroed out. Am having a hard time at the moment. Did I notice it raining in Berlin today?

Ah yeah. That's a hard one. I do suggest some carbs though! But I can imagine.

Berlin weather sucks at the moment. You live here?

No, Texas but, I have a close friend in UK who has an ex which is in Berlin, also a friend. I keep a check on them every so often Im whatschatting with the one in Isle of Wight now. lol...

Aah. Oh jeesh. Sounds like a lot of indirect lines. Cool nonetheless!

Where the hell is Isle of Wight haha

Umm well, not so much. Just a 'little" uncomfortable in discussion. The Friend in Berlin is the ex husband of a closer friend. ;)
She lives on "Isle of Wight" which is the island at he south end of England. She and I were always close (still are- non sexual) he and I not as much. :) ( a little jealousy for him I think) but I have no problems with him. I had planned to go out and visit her last year but too much life got in my way.

She was going to drive me around and we were supposed to tour U.K. and then see Berlin and then I wanted to see the Black forest. But I did not get to go so maybe next year. :(

Aah okay. Sounds complicated!

I hope you can see the Berlin one day though! It's nice :D