Steemit Sandwich Contest Week#69- Sexy Sandwich Bites


It's week #69 @jaybird's Steemit Sandwich Contest and the theme for this week is "Sexy Sandwiches." The first thing that popped into my mind was a runny yolk. I was trying to think what is it about a soft, barely cooked yolk that would evoke the feeling of a sexy sandwich to me. While I was thinking of the answer, I though I should first make my bread. I started with a simple white bread. While the bread was baking I was thinking what makes food sexy? It has to have an element of surprise combined with different textures and flavors.


I finally figured out my sandwich. I cubed my bread and hollowed out the centers.


Nothing can beat the pairing of eggs and bacon. I cut some cherrywood smoked bacon into thin strips and slowly rendered the fat. For a sweet component to balance the saltiness from the bacon, I made some bread and butter style pickled beets


Sexy Sandwich Bites

  • white bread (flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, salt and water)
  • Cherrywood smoked bacon
  • pickled beets (white vinegar, sugar, salt, water, and bay leaf)
  • avocado
  • quail eggs
  • crispy onions
  • Malden sea salt
  • Spicy tomato sauce (tomatoes, onions, chilis, vinegar, sugar, and salt)


When you first pick up this hot sandwich bite, it appears to be a cube of bread with a baked quail egg. Then you come to discover, it's stuffed with bacon, pickled beets and avocado.


The soft egg yolk is rich and unctuous. When it breaks, it coats all the other ingredients like a sauce. This little sandwich bite is packed with flavor and texture. It's salty, sweet, crispy and soft. The hot sauce on the side adds an extra kick of heat.


Best part of this sandwich is it's dainty enough for me to eat it without wearing the evidence of my meal because there is nothing sexy about that! Thank you @jaybird and @llfarms for this week's fun them.


Oh my word @loveself, this is pure sandwich magic, gorgeous and must have been delicious, a super sexy sandwich indeed!
Aint it funny how the guys and dolls' interpretation of sexy differs hey ;);)

hahaha... different indeed ;)

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It sure is! I guess that is why they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, haha. Thank you @lizelle.

That is so true hey! Congratulations on a well deserved win, these were gorgeous :)

Omg that looks amazing.

Thank you @dunstuff. I'm intrigued by your coffee ice cola drink.

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I really appreciate your support. Thank you @c-squared.

now that is sexy... :D

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You are too kind my friend! I am looking forward to seeing your next creation.

Cool sandwich! Love the deeper layers. Cherry’s are sexy and so is bacon so cherry-smoked-bacon is dam sexy!

So much fun reading everyone's interpretation of a sexy sandwich! As usually, I always look forward to reading your feedback. Thank you @jaybird.

Goodness @loveself! You have really outdone yourself with this sandwich, brilliant! Love the pickled beets along with the bacon....and Quail Eggs! Wow! And of course you made the bread! Perfect, perfect!

I bought some fresh yeast and since then, I have been trying to use as much of it as I can. I also enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread, nothing beats that. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Omg, they look so cute. Never been a fan of bacon, even when I was still eating meat, but red beets, avocado, and egg is def a combo I love! Well done and so creative.

Do you make a vegan version of bacon? I've seen different ideas for vegan bacon using tempeh, rice paper, or coconut, but I have yet to try any versions. Thanks so much @amy-goodrich.

I haven't tried yet. Unfortunately, soy is a big nono for me. Messes with my hormones. have a lovely day!

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