Steemit Sandwich Contest - Week 83 WINNERS - [15 Steem in Prizes]

Steemit Sandwich Contest WEEK 83 WINNERS!

Get Hungry, Get Creative!

Submit any Kind of Sandwich Whether It's a Classic or Original Creation!



Messege from jaybird

Week 83 was a "Royal Rumble. Anything Goes!"

**Hey Guys & Gals, please please please remember to make a physical "validation sign" that is also included in 1 of your sandwich photos. Shooting just the sign or, digitally imprinting it may lead to a "null" entry from now on

Link to Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 84


What is Steemit Sandiwch Contest (SSC)?

Steemit Sandwich Contest is a weekly community event & food battle. It aims to connect Steemians from all walks of life who share an insatiable love for sandwiches while encouraging them to mingle through friendly competition and reward

A very special thanks to our week 83 contestants! Your level of enthusiasm, creativity and hilarity were beyond expectation as per usual!

SSC Official Week 83 Sponsor(s): @llfarms @jaybird

A very big shout out to all our supporters and especially our Sponsors and Donors who are crucial in upping the prize pool each week. We'd be grateful to have any new Sponsors! Past Sponsors include @bleedpoet @artwatch @gringalicious @doitvoluntarily @homecook @papa-pepper @porn-watch @kotturinn @llfarms @toddfoster


There were a few Contestants worthy of recognition! In fact, I really cannot convey just how difficult it continues to be to choose winners every week!! There are always multiple entries pitted against each other for every winners spot including the SSC Outstanding Achievement Awards and it's continually a painful process picking 1 over the other(s).

First Prize Winner


1rst Prize was selected by @jaybird

  1. For this epic entry:

  2. Well....I mean, the effort alone on this entry coupled with his stress of finding an ingredient not used before paved the way for his win. Tied together nicely and with a clear artisan food-work-style, this flowery gem of a falafel sandwich was indeed epic! Beef, carrots peppermint...all great supporting flavours!

Second Prize & the new Week 82 Veto Vote Holder:


This is what @nervi our Week 83 Veto Voter had to say about this entry

  1. "My Vote goes to @aitommylr This sandwich looks awesome and I will make one for myself"

Our 3rd Prize Winner for Steemit Sandwich Contest was chosen by @jaybird and goes to [Big Drum Roll]


  1. Love this apple pie style sandwich. Stepping it up a notch with the cheese add and loads of butter grilling it to perfection. Love how Lizelle, having probably used almost every ingredient South Africa and beyond has to offer her, still came up swinging this week!


No Consistent Featured Entries or "Outstanding Achievement Awards" for a while...Giving all the prize $ to the top 3 until the pool gets bigger.

@birdsinparadise - Great idea using the curry paste coupled with the Almond Flour Arrowroot Powder Fresh Basil Fish Sauce Coconut Oil support! This looks like an amazing womanwich!


  1. @jaybird: I select the winners based on a variety of parameters. Just do your thing and have fun with it. I'm considering many factors such as presentation, ingredients & originality, creativity, community opinion & artistic ability just to name a few. PLEASE make sure to follow the rules! They are easy to follow and help prevent the tragedy of Null entries!

  2. There are now only 3 prizes. First Prize = roughly 50% of the prize pool

  3. Second Prize dubbed the "Veto Vote" = roughly 30% of the prize pool + the honour of selecting the following weeks second prize winner. This prize is ideally given to an entry that although it did not win the contest, showed distinction among all the other entries. This could be a feature such as it was the community favourite, it used the most bizarre ingredients, or, it was just the best looking sandwich etc. IMPORTANT! The "Veto Vote" holder may not vote on his or her own sandwich to be selected as the second prize. However, they are still eligible to win First Prize should they enter the contest that week.

  4. Third Prize will be roughly 20% of the prize pool

Week 84's Veto Vote holder is: @aitommylr and was selected by @nervi who was week 83’s Veto Vote holder. Thank you both for your participation!

  • IMPORTANT! "Veto Vote" holders must always present their final selection to @jaybird in confidence and allow the news to be revealed in an officially "Who Won Steemit Sandwich Contest" blog post. Deviation from this method will result in a forfeit of the Veto Vote and thus, the selection will be consider null and a new winner will be chosen by @jaybird.

  • Veto Voters can contact @jaybird through or username: jaybird or discord jaybird#4732 . If for whatever reasons, the Veto Vote winner does not select an entry in the following weeks contest, I will be the default second prize selector for that week.

@jaybird reserves the right to alter the contest rules and structure as necessary.

jaybird Steemit.jpg

jaybird ~

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Wow, thank you @jaybird! A big congratulations to @mondoshawan, @aitommylr and @birdsinparadise, your sandwiches were amazing! Thank you to this week's sponsor @llfarms:)

Second Prize! I'm really surprised!
It was good to devise and work on sandwich making!
Thank you @jaybird, and @nervi. I am happy.
Congratulations to @mondoshawan, @lizelle and @birdsinparadise, your sandwiches were Great!

some good entries, gifs too? that #2 looks so good... how does one choose😃


ya sm ppl have gif & vid entries lol. luckily veto voter chooses #2 spot. I summon all my strength every week to decide the rest... it's a terrible job

Yo Bro... Thank You! This is an honour. Congratulations to @aitommylr, @lizelle and @birdsinparadise... Thanks a lot to @llfarms for sponsoring. And now go everybody for the next challenge in week 84 in this most excellent contest!

Congrats @mondoshawan, @aitommylr and @lizelle! Amazing creations this week! @lizelle, I'm going to have to try an apple on my grilled cheese in the near future! So happy you enjoyed my womanwich @jaybird, appreciated your kind appreciation! Keep Steemin everyone!