#steemitprofilechallenge My entry for today

Hello all,

Recently I decided to start the #steemitprofilechallenge just for fun. The goal here is to use the code that is provided below to make a funny profile, or to share your current profile if you like. For more info please visit my previous post https://steemit.com/steemitprofilechallenge/@bitminter/steemit-profile-challenge

At this point my posts are not generating enough revenue to give out rewards so let's see how things go for now. In future if I can get this new tag #steemitprofilechallenge to take, I will create a reward pool or something :-)

For today here is my entry.

My Profile

Name: bitminterSteemit ID: @bitminter
Country: UKLinks: https://steemit.com/@bitminter

About Me: Hello, this would be the part were you say something a little witty about yourself :-)

If you would like to partake here is the code, simply select, cut and paste it into your post and then update your image url and info.

>**My Profile**


Name: Your Name | Steemit ID: @YourSteemitID
------------ | -------------
Country: Your Country | Links: @steemit #steemit
>About Me: Hello, this would be the part were you say something a little witty about yourself :-)

Try posting somthing fun and witty, be yourself and create genuine content. Who knows your profile might end up a trending steemit. :-) I am looking forward to all your comments, feedback and most importantly the following madness that will inevitably be conjured up! Enjoy :-)

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Here is my entry, this was fun thanks!

My Profile

Name: MadgogSteemit ID: @virtashare
Country: UKLinks: https://steemit.com/@virtashare

About Me: I love chasing squirrels and sharing content on steemit. Thanks for the great post @bitminter this was fun and a breath of fresh air!


Hahaha thanks for participating, great entry thank you!