steemit PICK ONE #42

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Simply upvote this post and pick a number between 0-9. The winning number will be the last number of the total payout (first payout)for the next "Pick 1 "post.

For example, if the next Pick 1 post earns 1.99 on the first payout, then the winning number for the prior game would be "9" since "9" is the LAST number in the payout amount.

Everyone who choses the correct number will share ALL the SBD earned for that post.

So upvote this post, pick a number between 0-9 and put it in your reply below.


P.S. If you'd like another pick simply resteem and put "resteemed " by your second pick!

Results for game #30

The winning number was 5. Everyone who picked 5 will be paid out today!





9 resteemed

i think you should post the names of the winner sir @riosparada for legitimacy, Well this only a suggestion so that people will keep on joining this kind of contest and your program will expand. thanks

8 (resteem)

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7 is my pick!

I just came on now..having power problem plus data got exhausted....
It's has not been really easy to keep active on steemit for we Nigerian..
Retweet & UPVOTE 💪
If it's not late I pick NO. 7

7 resteemed

Where you from my friend ? i want to know which country to belong to @ronaldmcatee

7 resteemed

Resteemed, 4