Steemit Photo Challenge - #52 Streetphotography - Entry #2 - teasing the living statue

Yesterday there was this living statue event in my village when i saw this little girl teasing one of the living statues / street artists making faces and sticking her tongue out i just had to snap the picture :)
Sony A6000 + helios 44-2 58mm f5.6 iso 100 1/200

you can find my 1st entry here :

if you like to participate in this contest read the rules here :

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good luck I noticed you have great reviews and were featured.


thank you , i'm just an old man killing his days with photography :)

@stresskiller I think this photo is a winner. Well I am sure of it. The little girl.


thank you very much , we will see what the jury thinks


I was moved by the image. I'm sure they will be.

Great capture! She looks so confident and like she is having fun!


thank you Melinda , she sure was having fun

I like both b&w and street photography.. your photo is beatiful


thank you very much , i like to do streetphotography i just don't like to go outside that much at least not where i currently life , but soon we will be moving to a better location :)

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My friend, i love this shoot. She is so stunning.


thank you , danke :)