SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry: Broom Flower

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A single flower of a broom (Cytisus scoparius syn. Sarothamnus scoparius):

Olympus XZ-1, 28mm, ISO100, f8, 1/400s

It took some doing to get enough detail in the background to make it an abstract landcape, and to have the shadow on the top petal follow the shape of said landscape, but it turned out OK, I think.

I posted this one at 1200 pixels high, it may not fit all screens, but I like this one to be seen at a good size.

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Flower in yellow calls spring. ;)

@ocrdu bijna gewonen
veel success!

Here in Portugal we say this species is 'giesta' (Cytisus scoparius) :) So nice to recognize the same species occurs in the Netherlands :)

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Gorgeous photo. Love the sky and green of background, and the blending of the petals and the background/shadow. Really nice. Think you might be right up there in the challenge.

We have a similar broom here, think the genus is Cytisus. We call it Scotch broom. Very beautiful and photogenic with the yellow and green, but quite invasive and hard to deal with in the wilds. Is it invasive there, or native? Thanks for sharing.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It's the same, Cytisus scoparius and Sarothamnus scoparius are synonyms, I just looked that up 8-). It's native in The Netherlands, and not much of a problem here.