Steemit Photo Challenge 54 - Animal Portrait - Entry 1

"Our Closest Living Relative"

This photo is from a visit to the Shirahama Adventure World in Wakayama a zoo and safari park in Japan.

A few more pictures of this chimpanzee and a few others of its troop can be found in my earlier post, in which a creationist attempts to troll me in the comments: Chimpanzee

@jamtaylor's Steemit Photo Contest details and theme announcement post: Steemit Photo Challenge

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This should be on Animal Planet great photos! Look forward to me more like these now that I dont want TV and I'm on Steemit more


Wow, what a great compliment, thank you @steemitguide!

Wow! Thats a nice pic.


Stunning photo. It is my dream to achieve such professionalism!


Wow, thanks for the great words @tanata!

At a first glance i thought it was my portrait when having a hangover lol


That would have to be a rough night indeed, or a great night and rough morning! :P


yeah... it happens lol That is why i have connected with the image instantly :)

Lovely portrait! :D


Thank you for you continued support @dek!


Thank you for you continued... posting of excellent content! :)

Very cute animal. So smart .


They really are arx27! Thank you for your support!

Looking good @mweich :D

Oh man, that comment tree was funny. I guess that he also is a flat Earther?


Thanks @getonthetrain!

I'd have to wade into that mess again to find out for sure but I would not be surprised at all. Could add anti-vax, and climate change denier in there too I bet.

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