Steemit Photo Challenge 48 - Macro II - Entry 2 - Red Wine

Red Wine

I'm very thankful for this little butterfly stopping on a tiny blossom with a nice red plant in the back ground; it's one of my favourite butterfly photos that I've taken so far. As such, I'm submitting it as my second entry into the Steemit Photo Challenge!

Remember to Click to enlarge!

Yes, it has been posted to Steemit before, though not entered into any contest.

Tech details: Canon EOS Kiss X5, Sigma 105mm Macro Lens

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Very good post my dear friend ! I write post about very interesting story about mushrooms Maslyuki! Look please, I think you like it!


Thank you @bugavi!

This is really an amazing shot. Fantastic. CHeers!!!!!


Thank you very much @tamsguitar!

This is a pretty shot!


Thanks @daveks! Hopefully, I'll actually get around to printing it!

Gorgeous shot!
Upped and following!


Very nice soft bokeh. Love it 8)


Thanks, it's currently a favourite of mine. :)



Thank you very much @condra!

Amazing photos @mweich. . I like your post . Thankyou for sharing. Would you like to visit my post and vote???


Thank you for your support!

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