SteemitPhotoChallenge #11 - Glamour/Fashion - Sunny girl

Hello all Steemers!

Today, I take a part in #steemitphotochallenge

Camera: Canon EOS 7D


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All are great but that first one looks like it is straight from a magazine! Nice job!


Thank you for your kind words!


Yes that's what I thought too. It looks perfect.


Thanks! You make me feel a shy.

Hi there, are you the photographer or the model?


Hello @jamtaylor! I'm a model. Photographer @imag1ne

and the first photo has made by my mom =)

Nice photos, pretty girl! <3


Thanks a lot =)

you are beautiful, madam..


I like the second shot best!


A friend of mine who lives here in the United States is from Pyatigorsk and has a sister who still lives there. The last last time she visited she gave me this coin:

I love the first shot - perfection


Thank you!

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