SUNSHOWERPRINTABLES SteemitPhotoChallenge #37 Femininity Submission

Steemit Photo Challenge 37 - Femininity

Nostalgia, nostalgia... it's been so long since I've posted an entry in the Steemit Photo Challenge!

I posted this photo, titled "Mirror Image," many months ago as a part of my self-portrait series.

enter image description here

Edited by @sulev - you can see the process/ before-and-after in this article.

I think this photo is the perfect combination of who I was and who I am now... it is a visual representation of my growth from depressed, amateur photographer to mental health activist. It is a seamless combination of what my Steemit blog used to be and what is it now. This remains one of my favorite self-portraits ever!

Constructive criticism welcome as always!

Thanks again to editing done by @sulev!
Photography: LScottPhotos
Model: Lexie

enter image description here

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Nice picture :) I follow you now ;)