#steemitphotochallenge entry #1 Lean on me .

in #steemitphotochallenge5 years ago (edited)

taken in Margaret Falls,Shuswap trails.British Columbia
I took this photo because I love how it shows the trees leaning on each other, supporting the fallen ones helping so they can squeak out their last days of life (the fallen trees were still alive and well)

equipment : Nikon D3200 (18-55mm


nice but I think you missed the deadline for the natural landscape theme.

Thanks for the heads up @ace108
Where do I go to find out what the theme are , and when the deadline is ?

How I find out is usually 2 ways.

  1. On Thu/Fri, look at trending on photography or https://steemit.com/trending/steemitphotochallenge for trending on steemitphotochallenge
  2. My feed because @jamtaylor who post the theme.
    Last one was this:https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@jamtaylor/steemit-photo-challenge-6-theme-announcement-new-giveaway-or-aug-25-28
    According to that post, deadline quoted as "Deadline for entry is midnight my time (UTC-4) on Sunday"

Ok thanks for the help.

You're welcome and good luck with the next challenge. :-)

@ace108 thanks for the heads up. I did keep in mind what you said about checking on Thursdays. https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@ian.wash/steemitphotochallenge-entry-1-tesla-fountain

Lol I dont know what ICYMI < means, is that bad? I'm bad with short forms still trying to figure out what SMH means?

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