Steemit Photo Challenge #32 ( Entry No.1 - The King of the Forest) HomeArtPictures Originalcontent

Hello dear Steemians,

The picture was taken on the steep coast of the German Ostee near Sassnitz. In the Giant beech forests stands this "king of the forest". He is so imposing by his gaits that one can only stand in amazement before him.


Photo by @HomeArtPictures
Nikon D7000 and Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM
ISO 100 11.5mm 0 ev ƒ/4.2 1/13

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Very beautiful.

Impresionante y majestuoso!!

Love the angle of the background trees!


thanks my Friend!



thanks my dear....

Awesome perspective! Another great pic!

@homeartpictures holy moly!
how did you take this?
were you kneeling or flat on your tummy?
it's a wow shot!
i won't be shocked if you bag it again!


thanks @englishtchrivy I was able to photograph it because the tree was so huge


@homeartpictures yes but your eyes really know what the best angle is kudos!


thanks... :-)

VERY BEAUTIFUL shot! Thanks a bunch for sharing, namaste :)

this is awesome - great perspective !

Congrats on winning the contest!