📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - SPC 43 | Derelict - Entry #1 - Levissi Lower Church 📷

Levissi Lower Church

Near the town of Fethiye in Turkey lies the village of Kayaköy (wikipedia link). The village stands, deserted today, on the rocky hillsides of the Aegean cost, as a gentle reminder of what nationalistic identities can bring upon society.

Dating back into antique times the area was first inhabited approximately 5000yrs ago. The town flourished as an important trade city until 1100 AD, then known as Carmylessus and inhabited by about 20.000 people at the time.

From the 18th century on the town of Levissi was built ontop of the ruins of Carmylessus. Inhabited by Armenians and later Greeks, it was a flourishing town of craftsmen and traders until the treaty of Lausanne forced the Greek out of Turkey in 1922/23. The Turkish population brought back from Greece for resettlement, though, was mainly farmers and couldn't make much of living in the hillsides, they preferred the fertile plains below.

Ever since, the town stands deserted.

Louis de Bernières has used Kayaköy as a blueprint for the the village of Eskişehir in his novel "Birds without wings".

The picture shows the interior of the "lower church" built by the orthodox Greeks in Levissi.

I have originally published this image on deviantart in 2012. For steemit exclusive, here are some extra shots (not entries to the SPC) from around Kayaköy. It's a creepy yet beautiful place... if you're ever in the area you should really consider stopping by for a hike here:

Levissi Lower Church Exterior
levissi lower church exterior

Kayaköy Scenic View
scenic view over Kayaköy

Kayaköy Closer Scenic View
a closer scenic view over Kayaköy

Kayaköy Hills Lined With Ruins
all the hills around Kayaköy are lined with ruins

Pebble Mosaic in Kayaköy
the open places in the town are often laid out with these amazing pebble mosaics

that's all for Entry #1.

Thanks for stopping by!

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nice... this works!

Very nice pictures and the description is very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I love that first shot, the textures in that old building are so interesting. The rest of the abandoned village is very interesting too, I wish I had some ruins like that to wander through


thanks @brevebronovan!

that first shot is my entry to the SPC. It's a composit of 2 landscape format wide angle shots of the inside of the church. I love how this interior view contrasted the rest of the rather dull village ruins.

Cool! And nice place.

very good entry ! looks a great place to vist

I nearly missed your excellent photos @fraenk. Upvoted, resteemed & DPS.


hehe! thanks! I guess I've been posting too much steemit related stuff yesterday...