SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #2 "You don't fool the Ocean"steemCreated with Sketch.

This is probably my best spontaneous shot ever. I was going to the beach to take nice pictures of this huge waves, and when I arrived I remember seeing this teenagers sitting dangerously close to the tide and imagining what kind of picture I could get if I was fast enough.
I quickly took out my equipment of my bag, just in time to get this one.


Camera : Nikon D3
Lens : Nikon 80-200mm f2.8
1/5300s at F5.6

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@eyegasm, wow! congrats on winning 2nd in the photochallenge. This is an amazing shot. It evokes nostalgia and reminds me to not take life so seriously. It also describes my husband's personality to a T as he's never lost the spontaneity of life. I won't be so hard on him if every once in a while he wants to ride, instead of push, the grocery cart in the parking lot.

The other thing that is cool is how the sky looks foreboding but the kids are oblivious to it. We can all learn to focus on the positive regardless of circumstances.

You rock.


Woah that one of the best description anyone ever made of one of my picture ahah, thanks to have taken the time to analyse it, everyone of your words make a sense ! Thanks :)

This is amazing! Beautifully enhanced details! Looks like a painting!


Thanks, coming from such an artist like you it means a lot. :)

Good instincts ;)
Did you send this to any of them?


not at all, i have never been in direct contact with any of them.

Outstanding shot! Congrats!


thanks man :)

Superbe. Et hop un peu d'eau froide pour remettre les idées en place des petits jeunes... :-D


c'est exactement ce qu'il s'est passé :)

That is a really cool shot. It almost looks like HDR.


Thanks :) I agree, I pushed the tones quite high to maximize the impact, but obviously multiple shots could not have been possible with this one ahahah.

Congrats on 2nd place in the photo challenge. I wish I knew how to take photos that great.


Thanks for your words, you ARE already taking great pictures :)


Lake Titicaca.....Nicaragua! Aqua! For my bunghole....

Great shot.


thanks :)

I really love this shot! Congrats on the win!


Thanks so much I am glad when people appreciate my efforts to produce a good image :)

Really nice shot, love the way the water is splashing around the figures. Nice to see that it was spontaneous as I was wondering if it was staged to get everyone together like that. Certainly deserves a prize and congratulations. From your recounting and title I guess they were quite surprised by that once in a while big wave that comes along. I've been surprised a few times too!


Thanks for your comment John. As said in the description this was completely spontaneous and un scheduled. I arrived and just had the time to take my camera out of the bag. I have been lucky that's it. :) unfortunately the boys ran out and never had a chance to know the existence of this picture. Maybe one day, who knows ?!


Yes, I did understood that from your post. From just seeing the photo on the winners page I thought it was possibly staged to have all the figures together as they are. Very serendipitous however and a great capture.


Thanks, I really like this picture, one of my personal all time fav :)

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