Steemit Photo Challenge #21: Entries 1, 2 and 3

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Is there something you miss doing? This is one thing I do miss here in Steemit. It felt like ages since the last I've joined the Steemit Photo Challenge. I wasn't planning to but yesterday I bumped into so many reflections I couldn't help but share and submit them here as entries.

Why join? If there's something I dislike committing in life is to not do something I want to do and regret it later. So here goes ...

Entry #1 : Drifting Lit Art on Schloss Moyland's Moat

This was taken with a flash and since it was already pitch black I was worried I might not get the floating lamp which is a work of art of an artist featured there. The other two below were taken without a flash.

Entry #2: Twigs in A Basin of Water with Wooden Boats

Entry #3: 70 Km/hr Reflection Shot

On the way to Schloss Moyland yesterday, I just tried taking pics of the reflections of the trees on side view mirror while we're on the go. I just dragged the focus to the mirror waited for a tree and took the shot.

I took each picture with my Samsung Galaxy Note A3 2016 Edition and the two pictures above were taken in Schloss Moyland in Kleve Germany and the 3rd entry on the way somewhere in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. All of these pictures are raw and unedited.

Thank you @jamtaylor, the sponsors and I wish @shieha good luck, judging is not an easy peasy task.

I usually blog about cooking, gardening and photography and if you happen to be interested in all of those, too .


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movement is really nice with the car shot... stillness of the tree vs motion of the car! Yess

@stansmith thank you and good luck to your entry !

it's so Okay, @englishtchrivy...

in fact it was very good.

@keuudeip thank you :)

Wow three for one! Good job!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

@kus-knee Thanks! I could also post it one per post but I'm also hosting a challenge and it would be confusing to find so many posts from one person - so I thought just put them together in one post then it would be easier for @shieha to find them.

I love the car shot!
Great pics!

@poeticsnake, dank je wel Ik heb nog heleboel maar dit zijn de enige die ik wil delen :)
wij moeten chatten - rappen - kijk wat @papa-pepper en zijn vrienden gedaan had
alleen ik kan geen instrument spellen - beat box? hahahha

@englishtchrivy ... just for fun I want to see if I can interpret what you wrote here. I promise I did not use a translator. Please let me know how close I am....or NOT {smile}
"Thank you, well I still have many more but that was the only ones I wanted to share. We must chat (??)..Look what @papa-pepper and his friends have done, only I cannot play any instruments. "

Love that first one, its like burning in the night!!

@meesterboom, I love it, too cause I wasn't sure I could take it - it was moving - drifting every now and then - cause of the wind sighs and it was dark wtheck!
This date was a surprise so I had no idea where to go and what to expect - so I didn't bring any camera darn it! Regrets come later shoot!
Thank you!

Hehe, always a pleasure. It's a splendidly taken pic and it's great to see you back into the photo challenge!!

PS, glad I didn't submit the car wing mirror one like I was thinking of lolz

@meesterboom why? I won't flag you hahaha
submit it if its darn good man - I have more shots - and I had a hard time choosing really sighs

It's not as good as yours that's why I am glad!!

Flag wars!!! ;0)

@meesterboom lol - I wish I have your camera - I also tried a shot at 100km/hr but no trees nothing just the sky hahah
I said I won't flag cause there was that incident the other day ;)

The flash on the first one actually turned out great, making everything in the photo look almost black and white with the red flaring out. Wonderful!

@hansikhouse thank you - hansik sounds Korean checkin you out now hahaha

Thank you for posting @englishtchrivy. The photograpghs are very nice...have you ever seen two little sweeter boats than these. Darling.....
The first one is very dramatic like one you would see in a travel advert.
Yes...the contrast of the still and movement in the third. Well done. All the best in the photo challenge.

Thank you for your comment over @rgeddes. Sorry bleujay missed chat as bleujay rarely checks email.....will try to check in at least once a day rather than once a week:) At least now you know what bleujay was up to.....none of us has secrets here. ))

@bleujay thank you very much , no need to apologize, we can't be everywhere
as for how I bumped into your lyrics post at @rgeddes' post - I was returning upvotes and he upvoted my post I saw on so I checked his and saw your comment and sang along - you know I like singing though singing doesn' t like me hahaha. No worries my friend - I was absent yesterday - we also have a life that could sometimes keep us busy and it's allowed here :)

I love what you have done with the framing in this one:

Are you shooting in RAW? You might be able to pull out more detail in the shadows in Lightroom or Photoshop. Alternatively you cut it down to make it into a minimalist piece.

@thecryptofiend thank you.
I just posted the shot
as it is
I don't know how to use photoshop :D and I thought of cropping it
but it might look so small - and is it allowed?

Of course. Sorry I didn't think of the photo challenge tag. I think you could get away with basic exposure adjustment or even cropping. It is just extreme stuff that is not allowed. When you are working with raw photos you have to do some adjustment or they look really flat because there is too much information to put into a regular Jpeg file.

@thecryptofiend sighs, I should have really asked you first I wanted to but I hesitated :D
and even hesitated joining too :D

Lol. No need to hesitate:)

almost wonder where's the reflection in the 2nd one until I look closer. :-)

@ace108 yeah - just found out from the cyrptofiend cropping craps is allowed :D