Silky Bokeh - Steemit Photo Challenge #46 Entry 2&3

Two more for this weeks bokeh challenge.

Both of these were taken with a Panasonic GX8 and Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens wide open.


This is a hydrangea plant near my house with a fence and sunset light in the bokeh smooth background.


And a little mushroom cluster in the forest with silky smooth background.

These are my Steemit Photo Challenge #46 Bokeh Entries 2&3
Check out my first entry for this challenge as well.

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Great shot.I like it.


thanks Jose

Beautiful bokeh photos!


thank you kalemandra

awsome photos! I like the second one the best ... thumbs up ... upped, followed & resteemed :) good job


Thanks for the support and comment.
I followed you as well.

I love hydrangeas, but that mushroom shot is just spot on!


thank you ewkaw

Very nice bokeh effect!!!


thanks emima

This is absolutely amazing ! It's like a fairytale


Very smooth!

Beautiful images! Really nice work, I really like the way you captured these :)


thanks Natasha, what kind of dogs do you breed?


labrador retrievers :)