SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry #48 - Ocean - ''Ocean Playground"

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These photos are my entry for the Steemit Photo Challenge #48 - Ocean, run by @jamtaylor. I only just noticed the competition today and didn't get a chance to take some fresh shots, hence all three images were taken the past.

Shot 1: Fish in the Blue

This shot was taken on a family holiday in Malta in April 2017. The image was taken off Comino island through a port hole on the boat we were on. The Mediterranean has the most beautiful colored water.

The photo was taken with an iphone 5c.

Shot 2: Pink Ocean Playground

This image was taken a couple of years ago at Enniscrone beach in County Sligo, Ireland.

That's my partner standing on the shore watching our son play in the waves. I had been in the water with him, but had to get out to take some pictures of the spectacular light show. This is a really special memory for me.

Taken with an iphone 5c

Shot 3: Surfing and Sun

It's not often we get good waves and good weather in Ireland, but when we do it's a dream surfing location.

I love this wave. I've spent countless hours in the water here, learning all of the breaks subtle intricacies. There's a surfer on the second wave about to get a really good barrel. He made it, and I could hear him hoot as he came flying out.

There's something therapeutic about being in the Ocean, it can take away the cares of the world and give a sense of peace and happiness.

Taken with an iphone 5c (I think!)

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Beautiful Image and nice click dear friend. I'm also a photographer



Wow! That underwater shot is majestic! The fish on top are all of us minnows banding together!


Cool, minnows together strong!


You have a real talent for photography! ( I don't)


Thank you. I think that you have more talent for writing than I do for photography!

I loved your last blog post, I think that the mind is a truly formidable instrument that can break barriers when applied in the right way.

I queried the experience of your church elders (rather than your astonishing recovery!) as my blog was supposed to be about energy healing, but I find it easier to take pictures than writing blog posts!!!

Now, it sounds like you turned a pretty catastrophic event into something pretty positive (I mean to walk out of that in 31 days is crazy!) But I think there could be some relevance in this post for you:

If you have the time (and you don't think it's a load of bull!), take a look - give the exercise a wee try and let me know what you think!

(it applies to physical trauma as well as emotional ; , )

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