Steemit Photo Challenge 11 - Mary Kate.

in steemitphotochallenge •  2 years ago

Mary Kate.

This is my first entry for this weeks Steemit Photo Challenge! - "Glamour / Fashion" theme..
Thanks to @jamtaylor and everyone else involved, and best of luck to everyone entering.

Model: Mary-Kate Lanigan
Styling: Leanne Woodfull

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I love this! So perfect. I love the toning.


Thanks amigo!

Amazing, have you submitted this anywhere? This is fashion mag editorial grade.

I love all the textures, the reflection in her glasses and the gloss of her lips. Nice job. Already upvoted and following you.

Perfect.....just perfect


Stunning work!

It is really glamour and fashion! Congratulations!

The costuming drew my attention in the first instance ~ So much intriguing detail to keep the eye moving around and around the image. Then what really makes this image sing for me are the hand gestures ~ One relaxed and neutral with the other open and offering ~ Beautiful.

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Looks great!