📷 SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry#2 Glamour / Fashion - Are fashion models too skinny?📷

I took this image way back in 2013 while working with a professional model Victoria. Industry has many doubts if fashion models are required to be that skinny and some countries have even implemented restrictions for the agencies on how skinny can a model be that agency is contracting. Agencies are fined with huge fines for neglecting this requirement. Do you think it is a good practice or each person should be responsible for their life/weight/health?

This image was taken in 2013 and Victoria was a professional model. No one can argue that you instantly see a professional model in the image most of the time, but do you think she is too skinny?

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Nikon D3s Nikkor 50mm 1.4G @ f/2 1/125 iso 320


David, 2018


It's all about settings unrealistic standards that regular humans just can not maintain.
Years ago I had a lot of contact with girls struggling with eating disorders. They compared themselves with super skinny perfect bodies in magazines, forgetting that it's not only the 1% of tallest and slimmest humans that exist, but also product of heavy postprocess in PS.
You just can't compare to this.

On the other side, now I see that we are moving in totally opposite direction -> all these XXL models and "fat acceptance movements". I guess it's the result of pushing for superskinny for too long.

So we are jumping from role models with single digit body fat, to models that half consist of fat.

Health is in the middle. But as average is probably not too interesting ;)

I could not agree to you more, it's all about the extremes. It's all about the desire to stand out and it's being pushed by the industry all the times harshly. At first they push Barbie dolls with unrealistic proportions to little girls, then they are being influence by heavily photoshoped images (which i do myself) and then it breaks and flips to a other bad extreme. Obesity and extreme fat levels... Looks like people have no middle.

I'm lucky to be an amateur with camera :-)
Thanks to this I could limit retouch to removing some temporary imperfections on the skin, like pimples, and making dark circles under the eyes a bit less obvious, and that's it.
I didn't make anyone slimmer for at least three years now :D

And I love this boring middle, real humans.

I love them too, just have this crazy style popping out sometimes, that makes me want to do them almost aliens lol

LVMH together with Kering have lately launched a new Website called "We Care For Models". The purpose should be spreading the right behaviors and habits amongst the models, both males and females, and assure their well-being. I don't know if this is only an abstract project to make sure that everybody knows that they comply with their social responsibility and to show their commitment towards this cause or if they will take some actions for real as well, but we'll see...

It is a very welcome initiative and i am happy someone is doing this, but it will be hard to beat a multi billion industry. Nevertheless i am sure it will make an impact as every little bit counts!

Its a tricky subject with valid arguments on either side. I won't get into it as its a complicated argument. This really is a stunning shot though, great job dude!

Somehow, i like my early shots more, something has to be done about this :) And as for the argument, just so many health problems due to insane requirement, and quite a few models die of this. So i support some meat on the bones.

I only do nature and animal photography. We should be praising healthy body types. Skinny was considered healthy. When we look at photo's From 100+ years back everybody was skinny. Fat acceptance from the west does more harm than good.

Everybody starts with nature :) And eventually move to people? :) Skinny yes, but how skinny?

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The scenery is very beautiful I like it very much

I enjoyed scrolling down and seeing each new part of your adventure...almost like your post.

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Speaking from a fashion designers perspective I hear what your saying. But we were taught in school that all the garments are size 8. and I don't mean a store size 8 that is really a 10 or 12 size.I really mean a true size 8. The problems come in when these models think they are wearing an actual size, but they are not. they are saying they wear 0,1,2,3, these are a companies bogus sizes to flatter them to buying their garments. And then they cannot fit in them so they go on crash diets or surgery to fit in them. It is a vicious game that the manufactures of garments play on people to make them rich. So yes I do agree they are trying to get to skinny because that is what the fashion industry has drummed into them.

Good afternoon. I saw your post and I liked it, keep it up. Good luck and success to you :)

Well, sensitive issue, it depends if she is happy and/healthy or if she's forced to keep the skinny frame to keep her job. There is a lot of body shaming on both extremes. It would be nice if fashion would represent a wider range of body types and beauty. I am a plump girl myself but I have also see insulting posts to people naturally thin to the point to create trauma on them. As long as you are healthy and it's your natural complexion. Every case has its background.

only do nature and animal photography. We should be praising healthy body types. Skinny was considered healthy. When we look at photo's From 100+ years back everybody was skinny. Fat acceptance from the west does more harm than good.