Introducing Steem News Online: One Agenda - The Truth Without Bias

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SteemNews.Online ( is Steemit’s answer to the disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and brainwashing that has become the standard of modern journalism. With the help of Steemit journalists and curators, SteemNews.Online will provide timely, informative and accurate information on current events.

Teaming up with curation guilds, including SteemTrails, Curie and other efforts, SteemNews.Online will watch for excellent news content for our readers. It is our goal to grow into a viable news outlet, featuring Steemit authors from around the world.

Curation has already started in the #news category as well as #newslink. All articles with one (or both) of these tags will be posted on our new website (still under construction).

Featured articles will be highlighted on the site and will only include those resteemed by the account. Beginning soon, SteemNews.Online will be monitoring only articles that include the #steemnews tag. If you want to be included, please begin using it right away, but...

For #steemnews curation and publication, we’re only looking for particularly excellent content. So, while the website will include all #news and #newslink articles, the focus and attention will be on featuring excellent and insightful content.

So we have three levels of participation:

  • Include the #newslink tag - This is for short-form articles that only have a few words plus a link to the source. It can be as short as the title and just a link in the content or as long as a couple of paragraphs of commentary. Please don’t use this link if you are including more than a couple of paragraphs though.
  • Include the #news tag - This is already a very popular tag, so there’s not much more to it. This can include the short-form content such as #newslink, but will only be featured in one or the other section. Duplicate content will not be posted in both sections. The system is currently random in regard to the order it receives articles, so if you use both tags, it could end up in either.
  • Include the #steemnews tag - These articles will be reviewed by SteemNews.Online editors for content, grammar, layout and other traits that characterize professional journalism.

If we notice abuse of these tags (spamming, blatant promotion, etc) or content that is undesirable for our readership, we'll put a block on that account being able to have content reposted on the website.

What we’re looking for

  • Include the #steemnews tag
  • Relevant informative articles
  • Original content - Obviously sources can be quoted and you may post your articles wherever you desire. But if Cheetah catches it, most likely we’ll pass it over.
  • Excellent use of English (other languages will hopefully be included soon) - The best articles are those where nobody notices the grammar. Of course, there are exceptions when one is making a specific point or there’s a creative aspect to it. But grammatical mistakes stand out to readers, diluting their perception of the quality of the content.
  • Spelling accuracy - A misspelled word can be overlooked once in awhile, but with modern editing programs such as Word or even Google Docs, every questionable word gets highlighted anyway. Please take the time to get this right if you're using the #steemnews tag.
  • No profanity - This isn’t censoring so much as setting a standard. Generally, except in quotations, profanity is superfluous. This includes shorthand, such as WTF, OMG, etc. The use of these isn’t helpful to insightful and well written content.
  • No short-form - If you can say all you need in just a few sentences, please settle for the #newslink or other short-form tag.
  • TIL or similar content will not be considered - Feel free to use the #news tag for those though, if you consider them newsworthy.
  • Newslink, SteemNews or similar shouldn't be in the title
  • The article must “conclude” - That doesn’t mean you have to write a conclusion. It means that it needs to finish filling in the details rather than simply saying something along the lines of, “For the rest of the story, go to this”. Please feel free to post a list of sources so readers can investigate further if they want, but don’t make it necessary for the reader to research more for a sense of closure. That’s fine for short-form and #newslink, but is lazy for journalism.

NOTE: There are exceptions, but exceptions are EXCEPTIONAL.

It is our anticipation that the #steemnews tag will become very popular, especially as our readership grows. This will create what we hope is an ever-growing workload. With this in mind, we’ll be implementing a few policies to help us use our time and resources wisely. Two specific steps will be taken to help us in this endeavor.

Featured Authors

If you become a regular contributor and earn the trust of SteemNews.Online, we will provide you with the ability to post content directly to the site without our curation and you will have your own profile on the site. You will also have access to the SteemNews.Online private channel so we can collaborate.

Muted Authors

On the other side of the coin, if a user’s content continues to be passed over on account of the same reasons, we will likely mute that user so as to not waste time.

Editing Advice

One last point - If you use the #steemnews tag, we will assume that you are drawing our attention and therefore open to critique. If we see your content is almost good enough, or if it’s even good enough but could use some improvements, we may comment to point out some things to make it better.

If you desire to have your own column, please let us know in the comments.
We'll contact you to discuss your idea.

What to expect in the future

  • A logo contest (coming soon!)
  • The website to be ready for regular viewing
  • An integrated Discord channel on the site.
  • Newsletter services

What you can do now

As with so many efforts to expand and build upon the Steemit community, this is a bootstrapped effort. Your support of is invaluable.

  • LOGO - Start working on a logo, if you’re so inclined. We’ll outline the details on Dec 19. All liquid Steem from this post and all posts between now and the reward will go toward the logo contest. Let’s see how valuable we can make it!
  • Journalism - Work on your journalism skills, if becoming a contributor interests you.
  • Curation, contribution and promotion - If you already have good journalism skills, please start using the #steemnews tag so we can curate, resteem and publish your content on the new site. We will be monitoring it immediately.

Thank you for reading and your encouragement in this endeavor. With your help, we look forward to making SteemNews.Online a valuable news resource.

Your editors,



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Resteemed. This sounds like a great idea to me. I really hope some serious journalists get involved and really go beyond correlation but work to find actual causation. I'm getting tired of the loose connections many use as "proof" for outrageous claims. News should be about facts with relevant commentary for various audiences. I wouldn't even mind news sources be up front about their biases so we can compare and contrast the same facts from different perspectives.

Either way, I hope this does very well.

Thank you Luke. This past year has been an eye opening experience for a lot of people, and goes to show a change is much needed.

Thanks Luke!
Agreed. The amount of real journalism here is pretty slim. Hopefully we can change that soon!

This is a great opportunity for us. We can now be able to share things that are currently happening everywhere especially in our respective places.

We're still working out the best ways to arrange the site for location and category. Our goal is to have it dialed in before the end of the year. We might roll it out early though, if it's working good enough.

Please forgive me for being old and dumb, but what is TIL?

Not dumb. A lot of people don't know about it.
It's a category for "Today I Learned". You'll see TIL in titles sometimes and often they use the #til tag.

Thanks for making me feel less old & dumb...I keep seeing it and thought it was somebody's name (like Til Schweiger). I'd like to write some news posts when it's up and running and don't want to post anything you aren't interested. Thanks again

We're curating and resteeming already. The #steemitnews tag is being checked regularly, so if you have good content we'd love to promote it.

I threatened a story on cats or baseball tomorrow I'll submit something. I may also do something on the Federal Reserve today.

I look forward to helping out with this Ric!!

Definitely Randy. We will get together soon and schedule some time to discuss promoting the site.

Excellent, Randy!

This is a damn good idea! If it takes off, Steemit will be the first social-networking platform to incentivize citizen-journalists!

Just look at what "breaking new hub" has done for Twitter!

EDIT: Forgot to add I upvoted & resteemed. :)

Awesome. Thanks @nxtblg!

Yes, plus we're anticipating that our curation will draw the attention of curation guilds, promoting content and adding value for journalists. Heh, imagine that - they might even get paid more!! ;)

Now that would be funny! Just imagine some day, the Steemconomy being able to support a real professional-level journo who got hounded out of the field for not minding the MSM's taboos. Someone like Sharyl Atkinson...

Yes, it would. We've already been keeping an eye on this and discussed promoting the content. Is this you? If so, what's the best way to get in contact?

It is not me but I am in contact with them so will have them drop you a line. Many thanks.

Hello there. We prefer not to use email or public forums for communication of this sort, so we will communicate in future using the private message facility on It seems as if our goals are similar, only we are focused exclusively on video/documentary content. So I am sure we can find a way to work together. Looking forward to talking more about this.

What is your user name on

Oh, sorry we missed this. A reply to a reply that isn't our own doesn't show up in our "replies" tab.
You can get a hold of instructor2121 or anotherjoe, either in or Discord.

Terrific. Looking forward to working with you and making this a success!

Thanks Tom. We are moving in a good direction here. Love this stuff!

Thank you, Tom. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Followed, Resteemed and Upvoted. Excellent post! Thanks!

0.01 Steem was sent to you.

Sweet! Thanks!!

Wow! Happy to see that!
Good luck to your move!

Thanks makis. We'll be striving to make a super team of journalists from Steemit.

Awesome idea really ! Steemit News to the Moon, this needs to be resteemed and so i have done just that plus my upvote of course!

Very good idea! I am looking forward to read the results :)

Us too!