The Energy Deception (SteemTV documentary series) Part 1

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SteemTV is proud to present the first part of our long awaited documentary series The Energy Deception in which we examine the worldwide control of our current energy infrastructure and why decentralised solar power has not yet reached the people.

It is inevitable that solar will become the main energy source for this planet. The goal however is not to provide us with individual power, but rather a centralised system in which we must continue paying the corporations for something that should be free.

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watched....excellent information. This is great for Steemit and Steemians. I hope you keep producing!

Thank you. Will keep producing if people like yourself keep supporting :)

Sorry, but I have to disagree in so many ways.
First of this clean energy has many downsides, as it is unstable, this means you can not rely 100% on it because it depends on the weather, it depends on where you are situated in the world - because of the angle you receive the sunlight in the world and additionally we are not able to "absorb" enough of it so we can save it. If we were able to reduce the cost of the batteries and store more of the energy we would face another issue - changing of the environment, if this is good or not, I can't tell, but absorbing the energy that heates a house all day long from the sun, might reflect on the night. Snow will not melt that easy in bigger cities. Crops and microorganisms will change on crops... I think you get my idea. As you are talking globally, I'm also presenting this globally, all this reflects that we utilize the sun energy as much as possible.
Another point, you started with, is that burning stuff is so old school. Well actually the energy we receive from the sun is generated from fusion and decay. The second is pretty similar to burning stuff and getting energy out. So following this the sun energy you get is exactly the same energy you would get by burning stuff.
Don't get me wrong, I support the idea, but it's not a realistic solution to our energy needs! For me having a fusion reactor should be the ultimate goal of humanity to solve each and every energy need and to develop the civilization even further away from our home planet!

There are many factors that have not yet been covered in this series. One of which is the lack of energy efficiency in the average household. Fix this and even with limited sunlight, you can still power your whole house using a $600 solar system. For over over 30 years. Solar technology has advanced far more than people are aware and can charge off minimal sunlight now. Even moonlight.

We understand your argument that the sun is still 'burning stuff' but the point here is that the sun will burn regardless of what we do. Our obsession on this planet with burning stuff has been proven to affect us in a negative way...and this we CAN do something about.

We also understand your reservations concerning the storage of the sun's energy. Lead Acid batteries are a big problem for the environment. Lithium is better but still a problem that needs to be addressed. And work is being done in this area as we speak.

Thank you for taking the time to comment here and sorry for taking a month to get back to you.